Paradise Lost

The news of the fires in Paradise, California show the devastation that “natural disasters” can bring.  It brings my mind to think about the root of why the Virginia Tech Tragedy occurred.  It makes me wonder if GOD is not trying to get the attention of one of our States because of the recent ground breaking judicial activist decision.  It reminds me of why evil is so rampant in many parts of the world and even why there are also devastating disasters in nature.  It is because Paradise was lost….


I mentioned in a previous blog (April 22nd, “Mother Nature vs. Father Creator”) that something happened to seriously impact the “very good” universe that GOD Created.  Through the disobedience of one free moral agent (Lucifer) sin entered into this universe.  Through the delusion of this one the mother of all living (Eve) was deceived.  Through the misguided love of this woman, man (Adam) brought sin into this world (c.f. Romans 5:12).  Separation (death) occurred at each level and brought GOD’S Just judgment.


In GOD’S Mercy, HE made a way for death to be conquered.  GOD’S way for mankind’s fall into sin to be bridged was to make a bridge of Himself.  JESUS CHRIST was born into this world and was crucified by His own people.  His crucifixion allowed for the bridge to be built and it was fortified and proven true when His Body was buried and then sprang forth from the power of physical death.  The imagery here to all in life is fascinating to those who think about it.


I see the news of Paradise burning and it reminds me of the true Paradise that was lost (at least lost to us here and now).  (See also the most recent poem “To Be FREE” that I wrote for July 4th [and all] linked under the Poems tab above).  This Paradise is not lost forever, but is soon coming back to the earth again when JESUS CHRIST will reign!  Where will you be then; where will I?  The answers can be known now!  It need not be a mystery.  Check out the other items on this site to learn more.

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