Shooting Rampage Tragedies—WAKE UP!

What will it take to wake you up to action and being what you should?  Will it take a tragedy?  Will it take the death of a loved one?  Will it take economic hardship?  Will it take poor health?  Will it take “natural” disaster?  I wonder how the LORD GOD feels when all these tragedies fail to wake people up to reality and proper change?  We should study what Jesus Christ did for the world there to make salvation possible and procure peace!  Well, I started this article thinking of the three main news stories this week of Shooting Rampage Tragedies.  First, we had the pastor in Illinois shot through his Bible during a church service.  We have a shocking shooting rampage story from Alabama with more details coming out, even today.  I also just heard of another school shooting where at least 16 were reported killed in the astute country of Germany.  What is going on here?  When will the world, the leader of the free world (America) and when will you, dear reader, WAKE UP?!?


I have blogged much on this website about all of these things.  I am experientially positioned to do so from the tragic situation I am still facing, following the worst school shooting rampage in America—the 04-16-07 VT Tragedy.  I am finding it baffling and INCREDULOUS that people are not stepping up to do right in much greater numbers.  What will it take to bring about repentance?  GOD knows and we all had best BE READY for there is a coming judgment on the entire world (in particular to bring about the repentance of Israel).  Your Creator wants to bring about your personal repentance too.  The WRATH OF GOD will be poured out when it becomes full from the sins of men.  Please don’t choke on what I am saying here and investigate more–even in things I have publicly written about on this site.  The Bible gives us the answers here.  Yet, what are we to think about these most recent shooting rampages?


The problems in each shooting case are numerous.  The lessons needing to be learned also abound!  Each situation reveals weaknesses in our thinking and the societal structures.  It also reveals the sinfulness and dissatisfaction of the human heart.  We cannot control everything around us and the answer is NOT to regulate with more and more restrictions.  If you take away guns from people, will crime cease?  The answer there is obvious.  If you regulate banks will you do away with greed?  Certainly, we must have rules, yet rules will not change the human heart.  There is a greater law to discover!  There is an internal problem in the human heart that must first be fixed for healing and peace to be possible (see my 07-12-08 Blog, “Paradise Lost” among other things on this site).


Shooting rampages are terrible tragedies and reminders of the frailty of life and importance of eternal things.  You, dear reader, can also help to prevent such tragedies by WAKING UP and being all you can be, as your Creator intends for you.  We must learn the lessons of life and of history.  We must be sure that we are healed from the inside out.  We must WAKE UP if we are to experience God’s blessings (so often wished for)!


Learn from the past, live in the present and leave the future to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!  Be what you should by trusting in and yielding to your Creator.  Help others come to know the healing and peace you will then have.  Tragedies will increase all around us until we do.

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