The Tragedy of REJECTION

I’ve been thinking about rejection and acceptance again lately.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT thing to understand.  Inherent in each living soul is the desire to be accepted and loved.  It is a key factor in all behavior and your thinking here will help determine the general mood that you will have from day to day.  Believe it or not, you can trace most tragedies, including the VT Tragedy, to the underlying root tragedy—REJECTION.


Everyone wants and needs to have some sense of meaning or belonging in life.  A newborn baby can be fed and kept alive, but without interaction and some degree of acceptance from others, the baby’s brain will not be stimulated to develop and it will die apart from life support.  A young child who finds no further sense of belonging will first turn inward and may even come to act out-ward.  As we grow and mature, we continue to look for a sense of belonging and when this is not found or found as we desire, tragedy most often follows.  Rejection (passive or active) is the root tragedy that almost always leads to more tragedy.


So, how does this practically apply to you, dear reader?  You have this inborn need, yet reality proves that you will not be accepted by everyone around you.  You simply cannot be, as there will inevitably be some around you who reject you or at least your way of thinking and behaving.  You cannot please everyone all the time.  In fact, the extent to which you live your life primarily looking to please other people is the extent to which you will be controlled by them and that your life will be filled with problems.  So, how can you avoid being or feeling rejected?


Dear friend, there is ONE who longs to know you personally!  HE is your CREATOR.  HE has accepted you as HIS special creation and specially worked with your genetic information to form you in your mother’s womb (see Psalm 139).  HE wants to extend HIS great love and blessings to you and has demonstrated this love through HIS GREAT SACRIFICE.  The LORD JESUS CHRIST became sin (rejection) for You (see 2 Corinthians 5:21)!  In fact, HE loves you SO MUCH that HE will not force you against your will to even accept HIM!  You should, as HE IS THE LORD and Your JUDGE.


REJECTION is a tragedy, yet the greatest personal tragedy for anyone (with eternal implications) is to REJECT THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!  Because the LORD is HOLY, HE cannot accept you into HIS perfect heaven and presence unless you accept HIM for Who HE IS.  HE wants to even give you an abundant life now (John 10:10)!  When you accept your Creator, JESUS CHRIST, and His Sacrifice on the cross for your sin, you are then adopted into HIS family.  You are then ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED (Ephesians 1:6).  You can then come to know the POWER of HIS Resurrection.


Today being March 17th, many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Saint Patrick of Ireland understood this relationship with his Creator, Jesus Christ and was a missionary to help others understand it (not to be drunken with Irish beer or mysterious “luck” as is often promoted on this day).  Do not be green with envy or jealousy of others.  J  Even when others mistreat you or even come to REJECT you, you must not REJECT THE LORD.  Trusting GOD and HIS WORD is the ONLY WAY to avoid the tragedy of REJECTION.

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