Spring Break Tragedy

Spring Break is nearly here for many and tragedy is looming.  Between now and the week surrounding Easter, college campuses and other schools will give students a break from studies.  This year, the government has even warned that Americans not travel into Mexico, with the current unrest happening there.  Economic hardship may even be impacting some people from traveling as they might.  It is nice to have a time away from working or even your studies, yet there is a grave danger that looms during these times, and tragedy is often at the door…


Whether during the time away at Spring Break or simply at a party some night or on the weekend, many people’s lives become clouded with tragedy.  Relationships can become stronger during these times away from the routine, yet often there are casual relationships that turn bad and even immoral behavior that ends up leaving a tragic impact for life.  Often, there are parties filled with alcohol and sexual stimulation and immorality that will often even lead to violence.  Sexual crimes and assaults are common and even drunk driving after these parties will lead to tragedy for people not even partaking in them.


Even after the “youthful indiscretions,” often peaking around Spring Break times, there is a “party mentality” that seems to follow people into the work force.  If there are not parties happening throughout the week, then certainly there are on the weekends, when work is not as pressing.  I submit that it is the tragedy of this way of thinking that led to the excesses in the business and corporate world and has come to economically impact the entire world today.  More can be developed there, yet I trust you see my point.


People are “just looking for a good time.”  Songs are regularly written about this, and it has even become some human “right” that people will fight for (c.f. the old song that talks about fighting for the “right to party”).  Certainly, the founders of America understood a certain inherent and even unalienable right to pursue “happiness.”  Participating in wild parties and Spring Break excursions may bring a person some high or perceived moment of happiness, yet it will not last and often will lead to tragedy for years to come.  How many lives are forever changed during these party times?


I am not advocating a dull life without any fun.  The Creator of the Universe made so many wonderful things and even made us “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139:14ff).  Jesus, Himself, said that He came to seek and to save the paradise that was originally lost in the Garden of Eden (see Luke 19:10).  There is an evil world system and an evil being that wants to take away any lasting happiness or joy you might find.  It is TRAGIC, if you allow him or the system to deceive and get the best of you.


Consider Jesus’ words in John 10:10:  “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”


May you come to have this abundant life in Jesus Christ and avoid the tragedy that can come during a “break” from the routine!  May you enjoy life, yet remember that God will bring every work into judgment (c.f. Ecclesiastes 11:9).  Fear God Above All!

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