Fear or FAITH—Feeling and Sight

You will either live your life by Fear or FAITH–which is in essence Feeling, or else you will live by Sight, which is limited and often controlled by feeling.  Why is this my blog emphasis today?  What does this have to do with prevailing through the VT Tragedy and all the tragedies of life?  It is illustrated perfectly through the tragedy in my life (stemming from the VT Tragedy) that will come to a court trial at the end of this month.


It is especially important that you think about these things so that you can best prevail through tragedies or the unexpected problems in life.  You live your life through what you see happening and how you feel about these things.  When you look to make decisions about direction, either FEAR or FAITH will characterize and guide your actions (or inaction).  It is like a two sided coin (fear being the down side and faith being the up side).


When you focus on the negative or what MIGHT happen that you do not like, then your decisions will be based on fear.  When you focus on the positive and what good could happen, then your decisions will be based on faith.  The Bible says that those who are “just” will “live by faith” (Romans 1:17).  It also says that those who know God “walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).


Has tragedy brought fear into your life?  You should let it bring FAITH!  If you see the Creation as reflective of the Creator, you will come to KNOW this Creator, Who is the LORD JESUS CHRIST (THE WORD of John 1) through HIS special Revelation—the Bible.  If you have questions there, please contact me (info. Below) or check out this website further or even link to the Answers In Genesis site (see the block question on the right).  If you wonder about how things are changing around you, maybe you should look at my 06-13-08 Blog “Fear and Change.”  Regardless, you should learn to walk by faith until faith becomes sight, hope is realized, and love is the only thing left (c.f. 1 Corinthians 13: 13).


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