It is finally raining in many places of the Eastern USA that have desperately needed it!  Water can help the vegetation to WAKE UP or if splashed in someone’s face, can help them be startled to sudden alertness.  Of course, too much water, like recently in places in Florida, can actually lead to tragedy.  Sometimes, if it is a steady, rainy day, it can also lull you into a state of sleepiness.  Regardless of how water may effect you, and regardless of what tragedy you might face, you and I need to WAKE UP!


Tragedy can help rouse you to consider things that are more important in life.  If you focus on what you have or have had and what you can learn from any tragedy, you can get a perspective of things that have greater meaning, even things that are eternal (see my 04-26-08 “Perspective” Blog or really many of my other Blogs).  The problem is that we all tend to get into routines and become acclimated to the patterns of life.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy or great change to get us to WAKE UP out of the sense of sleep that we tend to settle into.


Dear reader, I trust that you are AWAKE to life and to eternal life!  Your spirit first needs to be AWAKENED (see the Gospel tab above and/or Ephesians 2:1ff).  Consider just a few of the Bible verses that speak of being AWAKE:   Ephesians 5:14 says, “AWAKE you who sleep” to get light to know what is right.  1 Corinthians 15:34 says to “AWAKE to righteousness” because some still need to have the knowledge of God.   Romans 13:11 says that “it is HIGH TIME to AWAKE out of sleep” for our salvation (deliverance) is closer than when we first believed.


Are you complacent to the things going on in our world?  Are you apathetic or just discouraged by the evil that you see?  Would it take a tragedy to WAKE YOU UP?  I trust that this Blog will help rouse you to remember things that are important and be ALERT and AWAKE to what GOD wants you to do with your life!  I believe I have been AWAKE (the above verses have been theme verses in my life) and am even moreso since the VT Tragedy and my own ongoing personal tragedy (that I trust will begin to change with an important court date this Thursday–08-28-08).  I trust that this website will help you to WAKE UP and stay ALERT and useful for much good!

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