Facts are facts–reality does not change.  Feelings however, do change–according to mood, thought or your response to circumstances.  When a tragedy happens, such as the VT Massacre or some effect from weather, like a hurricane, your perspective will have a lot to do with how things go (see my 04-26-07 Blog, “PERSPECTIVE”).  You cannot change the facts, so you must be certain to have the best INTERPRETATION of the facts.  Only then can the right perspective prevail and lead to the right feelings and actions.  The starting point is to have the right interpretation…

Each of us looks at the world through our own eyes or perspective.  Because we are all unique people, it is possible to look at the same event and interpret it differently.  This is true for everything, including a basic understanding of the way our world works.  Consider the opposing views of Creation and Evolution.  Both sides look at the same facts, yet come to opposite conclusions.  The interpretation of the evidence is the key, and interpretation often relies on a presupposition.  The observable evidence is the same, yet the conclusions are often vastly different, depending on the assumption, or presupposition.

When it comes to things that cannot be directly observed, one relies upon experience and speculation.  This is where opinions come in and why there are so many different views of things that are more abstract.  Now, when it comes to dealing with a tragedy, you cannot change the fact of it happening; you can only be diligent to have the best interpretation of the facts.  This is where I say having an eternal perspective is the key.

We simply do not know everything.  We are not GOD.  We do not have everything figured out either.  GOD does and is even working all things together for good (Romans 8:28), for those who love Him and have believed in Him.  He has revealed this and many other truths to us in His HOLY WORD, the Bible.  By reading and studying the Bible, you can have an eternal perspective.  But what about all the interpretations people have about the Bible?  This is where much confusion comes.

You must interpret the Bible as it is written–at face value, unless the context determines it has another meaning.  This is how we interpret everything else in life (or should) and this is how we must interpret Scripture.  It is not up to us to make it say what we want it to say (c.f. 2 Peter 1:20-21).  It is not of any private interpretation.  Scripture does have many personal applications, but one primary interpretation.

If you have further questions here, please contact me (see info. below) or respond with a comment.

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