From Reform To REVIVAL

Whenever there is a tragedy, there is a call for change.  This is either in bolstering things that could prevent a future tragedy or changing course to possibly avoid a future tragedy.  We saw this played out after the 9-11-01 U.S. National Tragedy (the 7th Anniversary in 2 more days).  There have also been a number of measures implemented after the 04-16-07 Virginia Tech Tragedy, both on this campus, in the State of Virginia and even across the country and the world.  Most of these are good in helping prevent future tragedies, yet some are reactionary and could lead to other tragedies if people are not careful (see my 04-21-08 Blog, “Could It Happen Again…Could It Happen To You?”).  Now, some consider the direction of the United States to be a tragedy.  Regardless of how one views that, there is an awareness by most that there needs to be some kind of change.  REFORM is an additional word that has been used of late.  What will bring about the BEST kind of reform or change?  I KNOW the answer!


In the book that I am writing, I will detail more of how the lessons I’ve learned and been reminded of through my own ongoing tragedy are lessons that we all need to learn so that we can do what is possible to prevent future tragedies.  Until there is the BEST change (when Jesus Christ comes back to the earth to reign in righteousness), there will be tribulations.  Jesus said in John 16:33 that there would be tribulations in this world.  Believers in Christ need not worry or fear, regardless of circumstances or tribulations, as HE has overcome the broken and sin-cursed world system (you might want to also check out my 07-12-08 Blog, “Paradise Lost”)!  Until Jesus comes back again to reign, we are to do our best to live in righteousness and order in society.


So, when one looks at where our U.S. Society is (and even the world at large), there is a broad recognition that something needs to change.  The debate will continue as to what opinion is best suited, when implemented, to bring about real change and reform.  Friends, man’s opinions can only bring about reform.  Following God’s opinions, as HE has revealed them in His Holy Word–the Bible–is the ONLY WAY TO SEE THE BEST CHANGE POSSIBLE.  This would be REVIVAL!  May you, dear reader, be revived in your own heart and life and work to spread this to those around you, wherever you go!


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