That’s IT!

Are you fed up or are you hungry?  Have you had enough?  THAT’S IT!


That could be the end of this blog, but then you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.


IT can stand for many things.  Most recently, IT is popularly referred to as Information Technology (a thriving educational department at many Universities, including Virginia Tech).  If you do a search on “IT” you will find many things for which IT stands.


As this Website is dedicated to learning from and through Tragedy, I want to talk about IT as well…


Impacting Tragedy can either be something you do (by action or inaction), something you have experienced (personal impact of tragedy), or something you understand (the Impact of Tragedy).  That’s IT!


What is the impact tragedy has?  Initially, it is often shock.  Feelings of disbelief are soon turned to the reality of grief, which often leads to discouragement or feelings of hopelessness.  If people do not respond to properly help those suffering from tragedy, then the tragedy is compounded and true recovery is unlikely.  The way to help is to get involved in a proper way.  It is to be available–to love and serve those impacted.  You can see my emphasis on this truth in many of my other blogs and particularly in the Top Ten Lessons (#5 and #7) tabbed above.


What will you do?  Will you sit back or get involved to properly influence and impact others–especially in the aftermath of tragedy?  Be it political involvement, community involvement, or personal involvement, you can do IT!  That is how purpose is defined.  That is how meaning is given.  That is Informed Theology.  That is IT!

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