When suddenly faced with something unexpected you will tend to respond in a way that reveals the reality of where your heart is.  It reveals “what you are really made of.”  It is what some have called “a gut check.”  The decisions you make and the direction you then take will come from the core of your being or your moral compass.  This is the inner person or control room where life’s decisions are made.  What are you made of?  Are you scared by your responses or do they reassure you of what you already know to be true?  Are there changes you can make or are you destined to be a certain way?


You cannot immediately change the person that you are on the inside.  This is something that takes the time and diligence of being faithful in the little things of daily living.  If what comes out in tragedy or from the unexpected is less than desirable, then you need to step back and see that you put into place that which will help fortify your inner being.  The way to do this is not to build with less than perfect materials of men.  The way to do this is to have solid material to build that solid foundation for your life.


You can only hide who you are for so long.  The masks will eventually fall off or be cast aside and the real inner person will be seen.  You cannot fool God.  There is mercy and grace in God, though pride of heart will even hide these truths.  You do have a choice.  You can choose to yield and build or you can deny and die.  If you know how to grow and bear good fruit, then why would you choose to fight against growth and be barren?


There is an internal virus.  The fix is more than a patch; it is a new program.  Check out other blogs on this site for more of what I mean here.  Look up the Scriptures for the Top Ten Lessons (tabbed above).  Consider Proverbs 4:23:


“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.”

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