As noted in previous blogs, Tragedy tends to peel away the layers of life that keep us from the most important things.  We often take much for granted and even live our lives in response to the changing winds of opinion, rather than being led from an inner core (as the 10-13 blog discusses).  Tragedy helps us see our inner self and be in a place to make any necessary changes.  Humanly speaking, this makes it more possible for what history shows us to be incredible changes in societies, impacting the course of history.  I am talking about REVIVAL…


I have recently been doing some research on these patterns in the history of the world and in America.  I found it interesting to see that while there are reports of REVIVAL that seem to come in cycles of about every 50 years, the last wide-reaching impacting REVIVAL is said to have begun around 150 years ago on Fulton Street in New York City in 1857.  This was just a few blocks from where the World Trade Center 9-11-01 attacks occurred.


I can’t help but think of whether God would see fit to send REVIVAL again, especially as more and more are praying diligently for this.  It started with one man’s burden to prioritize praying for this in 1857 and today there are many all over this country and even around the world that are praying for REVIVAL!


Could the Virginia Tech Tragedy be part of what God would use to send REVIVAL?  There have been many changes (I would say good and bad).  That Tragedy certainly impacted my life and led to what is still today more of a state of Tragedy for me.  I am REVIVED in my thinking and in my core and am seeking to help others be REVIVED as well.  Maybe it will be something like what is said to have happened on a Western Kentucky campus, even today?  Maybe it will be some other local, National, or International Tragedy?


What will it take to awaken you?  What change will you pursue?  Will you be REVIVED?  Will you be focused on a set of priorities that puts the Spiritual first, the emotional second, and the physical last?  Our tendency, reflected throughout the world is to put the physical first, the emotional second, and the spiritual last.  The U.S. Political election and discussion is a good example of this (a priority focus on the economy and the material, rather that the moral and spiritual).  You might also want to reference my 09-09-08 “From Reform to REVIVAL” blog.


If we focus on fearing the loss of the material, we will be emotionally unstable and all out of order.  Just look at the current Stock Market volatility around the world!  If we focus on fearing the LORD, then our emotions will properly follow, eventually leading to physical blessings.  Will it take additional Tragedies to get your attention?  Will it take more National Tragedy for our Country to properly change?  Will it take a personal tragedy to get your own life in order?  WE SHOULD PRIORITIZE PRAYING, SO WE CAN PRIORITIZE LIVING!


The CHANGE we need is REVIVAL!

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