Political Tragedy

You may wonder why in the world I would bring politics into the subject of talking about Tragedy.  The answer is not that difficult to understand, though you will have to try to follow my reasoning here.  First, let me say that I am writing this before the 2008 U.S. Election results are all in and the race decided.  The Presidential winner of this election will not change what I am saying, though the voting of the nation will reflect the truth of what I am saying and give a “baramater” (pun intended 😉 ) of where we are as a Nation.  I am talking about something that can be seen if you simply take a look at the Education centers (such as a University setting, like Virginia Tech) and the Cities, verses the more rural areas….


Why is it that urban areas, such as a city or even a University town tend to vote more left leaning (or liberal), while rural areas (agriculture, etc.) tend to vote more right leaning (or conservative).  It is not really that difficult to understand.  While it is complex to consider every angle, it basically comes down to what I see as a real tragedy and what is breeding ground for other human influenced tragedies (crime is more common in the urban areas too).


Much could be said here (I’ll talk more about it in my upcoming book), but it comes down to what I see as Man vs. God.  Do you find this hard to accept?  Please follow my thinking here.  When people gather together into a city environment they will be less exposed to everyday examples of the beauties of Creation.  They will be more inclined to rely on their own thinking and will tend to be puffed up in collective pride (which is a heart problem every individual human being has).  Those living in more rural areas are more regularly exposed to the landscape and variety of plants and animals.  They also will have a better view of the heavens, in that there is less artificial light to interfere with a clear view.  This amounts to daily living and thinking more about God and even the limitations of man.  It puts life in a more realistic perspective.


The University setting lends itself to a similar appeal to man, verses thinking about God.  Education can lead one to believe that they have more answers or it can lead one to realize that there is a really a whole lot that we do not know.  Ironically, most of the early education institutions in America were founded to train people to pursue the various disciplines from a perspective of honoring God and even serving Jesus Christ.  The foundations of our Country are the key reason for its historical success.  If you doubt what I am saying, just research the founding statements of the Ivy League schools.  Study the early governmental writings of the Founding Fathers and the early writings in each State.  I will be explaining more about these things when discussing two particular lessons in my upcoming book (#4 and #8—see the “Top Ten Lessons” tab above).


Friend, do you have all of the answers?  Do you think you have it all figured out?  Many political leaders, commentators and pundits do.  Sometimes they get it right; often they do not.  If they are honest, they will admit that there is much that they have to learn and still cannot fully understand.  The question you should ask yourself is, “Am I focusing more on Man or on God”?  GOD has not left himself without witness and you merely need to pay attention to the Creation to see this.


Will it take an “Act of GOD” or Tragedy to get your attention?  Will you learn from the Creator and His Creation?  We have an objective witness that you can observe in Creation!  We have an objective Word from GOD in the Bible!!  We have an objective witness in the world through the historical entrance of Jesus Christ into His Creation!!!


Will you follow the changing winds of politics?  Man centered thinking will necessarily lead to tragedy; GOD centered, Biblical thinking will lead to peace and harmony.  Which will you choose?   Please contact me if you have further questions.  Challenge me if you think I am missing something here.  Seriously consider the Truth I am saying and look at “The Gospel” Tab above for the Basic Truth that can change your life!

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