Faith and Tragedy

Tragedy is not something for which you normally plan–you just don’t see it coming.  Tragedy is an unexpected event or misfortune.  While you can plan for some potential tragedy that could occur (even helping prevent it from occurring), you cannot control every aspect of life.  When the unexpected circumstances of life bring tragedy, you are faced with a choice.  You can react and blame others, turn inward and become withdrawn and depressed, or you can act according to something else you cannot see.  You can act according to Faith…


Faith is not seen, otherwise it would be sight.  Faith is trusting in something beyond yourself and your circumstances.  It is not merely a feeling or something nebulous.  True faith always has an object.  We each believe in things that we cannot physically see.  We know there is wind, because we see the effects of the wind.  We know there are physical organs in our bodies, yet we normally do not see them working.  We know there is such a thing as love, as it is manifest in actions and directed towards some object.  Though faith always has an object, faith is not able to be seen.


So, what does faith have to do with tragedy?  Faith enables you to gain perspective.  Faith helps you look beyond your circumstances and feelings.  Faith will get you through whatever Tragedy you face, that is, if it is the right kind of faith.


What is the object of your faith?   I suggest that you look to learn through any tragedy of your own and even through the tragedy that others have faced.  Learn to trust in your Creator and what He has revealed to be true through His Creation.  Learn to trust His involvement in history and the revelation He has given in the Bible.  Learn to trust in the Person of Jesus Christ.


I trust that you will learn to have faith through any tragedy and not be swayed by the winds of opinion.  Please let me know if I can be of any help there and keep checking on this website for more updates and lessons to learn that you can practically apply to your own life.  My contact information is below.

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