Humor, Humanity, and Tragedy

I hesitated to even write this article, yet events of this day and recent reminders lead me to again address an important aspect of dealing with Tragedy.  By definition, there is nothing funny about a tragedy.  A tragedy is an event that should not have happened or that takes circumstances outside of what they normally would or should be.  If you have or gain a greater perspective on any Tragedy (c.f. my 04-26-08 Blog “PERSPECTIVE” or even the 08-06-08 Blog “Take a Vacation”), you will be better adjusted to properly deal with what has happened and even grow through it (You may also want to reference the 07-30-08 Blog “Humor Me”).  Life is what it is and we must come to accept it, live within it and even laugh at appropriate things.  Humor is one of those things that helps us cope and brings perspective.


One problem with much modern humor is that it has come to focus on things that are base or even vulgar.  Nothing is considered sacred and there are attempts to bring comedy to situations and even mock what should be considered sacred and off limits.  In fact, if there were not limits to things, we would have complete chaos.  It is by the limits that God has established that we are even able to define things, do research and discovery, and even laugh at situations.  Granted, people try to put artificial limits on situations or some even try to abandon any limitations.  Both extremes must be avoided as we grow and learn the true limitations and freedoms that God has established (you may even want to check out my “To Be Free” poem [tabbed above] there).


Learn to laugh in life and realize the limitations we have as human beings.  There is one who is Infinite in Power and only limited by His Holy Nature.  The LORD loves us and wants us to come to know Him in the Person of Jesus Christ (the one we are celebrating here in the Christmas season who entered the human family and gave His Holy life to pay for our sins).  This same LORD Jesus Christ will come again and He will even laugh at how futile people’s efforts are to deny and fight against Him:


Psalm 2:4:  He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The LORD shall hold them in derision.


Learn to laugh in life and learn to love the Savior who demonstrated His Love to us.  That is the only way to have Peace and Joy and be able to laugh when appropriate, despite the tragedies in the world.

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