INFLUENCE and Tragedy

Whatever you are exposed to will influence the way that you think.  The people you are around will influence you.  No matter what Hollywood and business executives may claim, they know and their advertising proves that the things you watch and listen to will effect your decisions.  This is part of the human reality we must understand.  It is very important that you are careful and thoughtful about what and even who you are exposed to—especially in the case where you would be even more vulnerable when facing a tragedy…


When you have unexpected things come into your life, you may not know which way to turn.  You will have various emotional responses to what has happened.  You will need help and encouragement in some way.  While hopefully there will people around you willing to truly help, some will get involved and not really help.  Sincerity is important, but doing what is right is just as important, if not moreso.  You may not have a broad enough perspective when facing tragedy or some level of difficulty, so it is even more important to be prepared for such a situation and, when facing these problems, to surround yourself with true friends and people proven to have true wisdom (check out the 05-15-08 Blog “True Friendship”).


I believe the material on this website can be a great influence to help guide you and give you wisdom to prevail through tragedy and difficulty.  There is one influence you should have in your life greater than any—that is the Truth of the Word of God.  Our Creator knows us and knows His Creation.  He is the best One suited to advise us.  His Word is what should be our greatest influence.  It cannot be if we do not read it and apply its truth to our lives.  It will guide you through the changing emotions of your daily life and guard you in the midst of difficulty (c.f. Psalm 119:105).


Be a student of God’s Word.  Check out the Gospel Tab above and search through the Bible link there for any passage of Scripture or subject you wish.  Look over the other blogs and things on this website.  If you have scientific and philosophical questions, follow this link to AIG (Answers in Genesis:  Contact me with any questions through the contact page.  Consider again the following verse illustrating what I am saying here:


Proverbs 4:23:  “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”


What and who will you allow to influence you?

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