Family and Tragedy

This time of year is a time when most think more about their family.  Often, extended family members will get together and enjoy food and time together.  It is a good opportunity to see relatives that you haven’t seen for some time.  Amidst the decorations, bright lights, gift giving and celebration, it is easy to become depressed, especially if you do not have the time with family that you would want.  What about those who have even lost family members and will not be able to meet with them at this time of year?  Family is very important, but is there something more?…


We are social creatures and it is important for us to have good social relationships with others (see my last Blog [12/12/08]:  “INFLUENCE and Tragedy” for a balance there).  It is very important to have friends (c.f. my 05/15/08 Blog:  “TRUE Friendship”); However, family relationships are the closest, since there is usually a blood line connection and more time that has been spent together in the past.


A couple of thoughts and questions come to mind here.  Who do you consider to be family?  Obviously, you have your blood relatives.  Sometimes there are adopted relatives too or even relatives from a merged family.  Many consider a group they are a part of to be like family.  Some even consider their work associates to be like family.  🙂  When you think about it, there actually is a relationship that all human beings have in common, so in this broad sense, we are all part of the human family.


There is yet another family grouping that is tied together by blood relation.  This is also a spiritual family.  It is made up of all those who believe in what Jesus Christ has done in shedding His blood for our sins.  So, there is an actual blood relation between believers in Jesus Christ–that is, HIS blood applied to their life account.  If you have further questions there, please check out the Gospel Tab above or contact me directly.


It is tragic when families cannot be together during the Holidays (like in my current ongoing tragedy).  It is a much greater tragedy for people to not accept the gift that will bring them into the greatest family.  In fact, this family relationship comes with the greatest relationship possible–a personal relationship with God in the Person of Jesus Christ through the Person of the Holy Spirit.


So, if you are sad this Holiday season or if you are faced with a personal tragedy (as I am) or missing a lost loved one, think of the GREATEST FAMILY you can be a part of.  This is possible by simply trusting in the Christ of Christmas, who became a man, so that He could grow up and experience human life and give that perfect life as a substitution for the sin debt we all have.


Have you opened your greatest gift?  Getting this family relationship right will help you in all your family and social relationships.

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