CHRISTmas Burden

Worldwide, today is a day set aside by many to remember the incredible event that changed the course of history and even the way we measure time.  It was the perfect time for the birth of the Creator into His Creation (see Galatians 4:4,5).  Many will gather with family and friends, and may even take time to reflect more on what actually happened around the birth of Christ.  That blessed event was marred by Tragedy as well, given that the Creator and King of the Universe had to be born in a lowly, likely foul smelling stable and laid in a manger.  JESUS can identify with any human condition and is thus the Great Mediator who became the Savior of all who will believe in Him.  Yet, there are tragedies today and many that could be prevented…


The greatest Tragedy is that one would deny this historical event and the historical Person of Jesus Christ.  This same Jesus is the ONE Who also came back to life in the event that separates Christianity from all other faiths.  When any person accepts the Truth about Jesus and trusts Him as their Savior, they are freed from the stresses that come from the burdens of life.  If one does not trust in Jesus, and to the extent that they do not, they will tragically come to bear their own burdens.  When those become too heavy, they bring others into their own pain through actions that often become tragedies for others.


Such was the case with the VT Shooter, Seung Hui-Cho.  Such is the case to the extent that others have been a part of the tragedy in my own life.  Such is the case in your own life to the extent you try to bear your own burdens.  My youngest brother tried this and failed, as will any.  The graveside service for this can be found above by clicking on “The Battle of the Mind” tab.  Read (or even watch the rough video) of how bearing your own burdens alone will kill you.  Whether it comes more slowly with the effects of stress or more quickly through the drastic actions of some event, tragedy is to bear your own burdens alone.  Death is the eventual enemy of us all, yet it too has been defeated through the Resurrection of CHRIST and is the last enemy to be completely defeated (1 Corinthians 15:26).


Will you bear your own burdens alone?  Cast your cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7)!  Will you be able to help bear other’s burdens?  Doing so fulfills the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2)!  What better time of year than CHRISTmas to realize the burden that Jesus bore for you and give all your burdens to Him, Who offers you the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!

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