Tragedy exposes your character; it reveals what you are made of.  The intensity of a tragedy prevents immediate reflection, yet in time reflection will serve to strengthen resolve or else reveal the need for change.  Today is the last day of 2008.  It is a day when many will be reflecting on the past year and looking forward to 2009.  Many will be celebrating–some sensibly and many foolishly.  There is reason to celebrate life and hope for the future, but only in as much as we are in tune with reality and our Creator…


2008 has been an incredible year of growth, change and even struggle.  Nearly everyone in the world has been impacted in some degree by the worldwide slowdown in the economy.  The world is shrinking due to technology and communication.  It is becoming more unified, despite obvious differences and division.  This increasing unity will either be man centered or God centered (the Bible does reveal the way things are headed and the end results).  No matter how you feel about this world or events within your own world, it is good to take this day of the year and reflect.  It is good if you will also be strengthened in your resolve.


As I personally reflect on 2008, I see how my personal tragedy has exposed the person that I am.  It has revealed my philosophy of life, my character, and my hope.  It is reflected in what is now 60 Blog Articles (since the beginning of this Website in April).  It is reflected in the 5 Poems I have written this year (6 total since the first one last December).  It is reflected in the material I am working on in my soon to be published book (LORD willing, by April 2009).  You can get an idea of what this will be about from the information on this website.  The “Top Ten Lessons” where I am focusing are tabbed above (as are my “Poems” and “Blogs”).  The overview of it all is revealed through the “Battle of the Mind” tab, where you can read the transcript and even see a rough video copy of my youngest brother’s 2004 Graveside service, following that tragedy.


The most important tab of the five above is “The Gospel” tab.  This Good News that gives me hope, purpose and meaning is the Good News that is available to all!  Please look at this Truth, if you look at nothing else on this website.  Accepting The Gospel is the ONLY way you can ultimately prevail through the tragedies and troubles in life.


Take time to REFLECT on 2008 and RESOLVE to grow and change for the better in 2009.  Don’t be distracted by any foolish celebrations; come to understand the best celebration you can have!  As I conclude in the 10th of my Top Ten Lessons, there is “Hope in Faith” (only in as much as your faith is in the right object).

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