The Tragedies of NOT Praying

One sure thing you will hear more about surrounding any Tragedy is PRAYER.  Why is this so?  Why will people who even often refuse to acknowledge God in their daily living suddenly talk about or even turn to praying when times become more challenging?  The answer is somewhat obvious, yet it reveals a deeper need and an important lesson we all need to be careful to learn.  I am writing this important blog article today as I am praying and thinking about my own situation and the National emphasis on prayer this week.


This Thursday is the set aside time for the National Day of Prayer in America.  In 1988, President Ronald Reagan amended the 1952 law of Congress to make the first Thursday in May the official time for the established National Day of Prayer.  There have been proclamations for national times or days of prayer since the beginnings of America.  The Continental Congress called for a special prayer time in 1775 and another, more well known proclamation for national prayer, was given by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, for April 30th as “a day of national humiliation, fasting and prayer.”   Prayer is certainly an important subject in the history of America and should be an emphasis for every person in the world!


As proud and self-sufficient as we may think ourselves to be, we are not so powerful as to be able to even completely control the basic things we depend on for life.  You may be able to somewhat control the environment in your home, but you cannot control every aspect of the air outside.  You may have water (even purified somehow) to drink, use in your home or even on your lawn, yet you are dependent on the rain from heaven to allow for food to grow and to sustain your very life.  We cannot control the wind (just ask the people in Texas after the winds recently impacted the Dallas Cowboy Organization) or weather (see my 01-19-09 Blog: “Weather and Tragedy”) and we cannot completely control the actions of others.  We can, however, be people of prayer and prioritize praying!


At its root biblical definition, PRAYER is “communion with God.”  It is you talking to God and potentially God communing with you.  It may come in the form of petitions (most often, when we finally turn to God for help) or simply praise and adoration.  Prayer essentially is made possible by following the number one lesson I have talked much about (“Fear God Above All”).  Biblically speaking, we are to be in the attitude of prayer all the time (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  When you simply follow this rule, you will have far less arguments and even problems around others you daily interact with.  Your focus will be on acknowledging the LORD in everything and it will even improve your health (see Proverbs 3:5-8).  Jesus even taught and emphasized praying (see Luke 18:1—“men always ought to pray and not lose heart,” etc.).  Prayer is important and in fact, essential.


Did you know that we often do not have certain things simply because we fail to pray (c.f. James 4:2)?  It may be that we fail to receive what we do pray about because of the way we pray (James 4:3) or even because we are (instead of acknowledging God in all) regarding iniquity in our hearts (Psalm 66:18).  If you desire blessings in your life and even for God to indeed “bless America” then you had best be in communion with the One Whom we are dependent on for these blessings!  He will help you prevail through any circumstance in life and even through any Tragedy.


Dear Reader, PLEASE avoid the Tragedies of NOT Praying!

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