It’s Not Nice To Mess With MOTHER NATURE

Mother’s Day is a great time to reflect on the blessings of motherhood and even, as able, to express thanks and appreciation to your own mother.  Regardless of your own family situation, without your mother, you would not even exist!  Likely, you are even who you are today, largely due to the work and influence of your mother.  I know this is true for me and I am grateful to my mother for her godly influence in my own life.  Motherhood is a basic foundational reality that we each must fully consider and better learn to appreciate.  When we blur the lines between masculine and feminine, as is often the case promoted on our University campuses, we fail to properly appreciate and understand the importance of motherhood.  Teaching women to be more like men or men to be more like women is a false unification or equality and in essence attacks the very foundations of our societal structure.  If not properly understood and supported, the effect of this is an imminent societal collapse.  It is not nice to mess with MOTHER NATURE!


The foundations of society are certainly being questioned and even attacked today.  You are likely aware of the controversy and debate over the issues relating to gay marriage, as various judicial boards are ruling with their opinions and more and more states are pushing through legislation.  The recent and ongoing media attention surrounding comments and past behavior by Miss USA and Miss California beauty contestant, Carrie Prejean, illustrates this as well.  Many are more engaged on this level of whether or not to allow or even approve of gay marriage, yet are not as engaged on the deeper level of the roles and responsibilities within marriage.  In fact, many (even professing Christians) are avoiding marriage all together or simply living together before committing to an official marital relationship.


“It is not nice to mess with Mother Nature!”  “Mother Nature” is not simply some impersonal force, but a personal God who controls His Creation (c.f. my earlier 04-22-08 Blog, “Mother Nature vs. Father Creator!” or even the more recent 04-22-09 Blog, “EARTH DAY Tragedy”).  God has established certain principles in the Creation, including male and female, and we had better learn to accept and properly understand them.  One of the Top Ten Lessons (tabbed above) coming from my own experience with Tragedy following the VT Tragedy is “Encourage Marriages” (I also specifically blogged about this on 06-02-08:  “Encourage Marriages”).  The tragedies of “messing with” these foundations of Nature and “Nature’s God” (to Whom the American Founders referred) are being realized all around us.  Not only is it “not nice,” it is also a pathway for societal collapse and destruction!


Dear friend, on this Mother’s Day and every day, please express thanks to your earthly Mother (as able) and even more importantly to your heavenly Father.  God has given us much to enjoy and explore and come to understand.  He has revealed to us everything needed for life and godliness in His Word, The Bible (2 Peter 1:3ff; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).


Learn this most important lesson in life and “don’t mess with Mother Nature,” Who is your Father, Creator and even potential Savior!  When you mess around there it will not be nice for you, your mother or anyone you care about.


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