After observing a “moment of silence” at 3pm today, as requested by our American President (and for me it was a reflection and prayer to the LORD), I am now not remaining silent and am even still praying as I am writing these words that you now are reading.  We must NEVER FORGET!  Our human tendency is to just forget some things, while holding onto others.  As time passes, we may even come to change the things we think about or choose to remember.  We have this Memorial Day Holiday today, not simply as a vacation day from work or even a time to be with family, but to focus our memories on ways that others have sacrificed to enable us to enjoy freedoms that we so often take for granted.  What will you choose to remember?  Will you NEVER FORGET?


Science has revealed that our minds are capable of holding much more information that we could ever obtain in our current lifespan.  Usually, when we forget things, it is not because of some limitation in our mind or memory, but because we are simply choosing to focus or think on certain things and thus are dismissing other things as important for us to remember.  In fact, there are many things that our mind stores, but which we do not consciously remember until at some point later when our mind for whatever reason retrieves it and we come to think about it again.  Science only understands a little bit about how our brains function.  We do know that our memories are tied to our emotions.


Consider the things that are the most vivid memories for you.  Likely, they come from events you have considered important that are surrounding relationships in your life.  If you have ever been physically injured or experienced some tragic event, no doubt you will have a better memory of the particulars of that time.  Many today vividly remember details of where they were and what happened on 09-11-01 when terrorists attacked America.  After 04-16-07 and the VT Massacre, the Hokie Nation was stirred and many will never forget where they were and what they were doing then.  Why is it then, that as time passes, we tend to lose the strength of the memories that so impact each of us?


God has created us with an ability to learn and even adapt to new circumstances around us.  Adaptation is a principle seen in all living things.  Constraints from the environment or circumstances faced leads to an adaptation that allows for life to go on.  For us as humans, it is very important that we not forget what lessons we have learned along the way, or else we will not adapt as well to our changing environment, stunt our growth or even come to threaten our health and life.  Setting up reminders for ourselves allows for more informed and appropriate action and adaptation in the present.


Dear reader, please take this day as you are reading this to remember the sacrifices others have made which enable you to even have the freedom and function that you do today.  Remember the lessons God has taught you in life and even those He has taught others throughout history.  Choose to NEVER FORGET those lessons that you learn and even set up physical or emotional reminders for yourself.  Be sure that you remember the spiritual too, in particular the LORD GOD, and personally accept what Jesus Christ has done for you through His death, burial and Resurrection (see the Gospel tab above).  You may also wish to look at the Apostle Peter’s focus here and admonition to REMEMBER (2 Peter 1:12-15).


Never forget that your Creator, Jesus Christ, will be for you whatever you need.  I personally know this even through my ongoing tragedy, and you can know Him too if you choose!

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