The BIG, Middle and little

An important aspect of living that enables one to survive despite tragedy or during difficult times and that will even allow one to thrive is to properly understand the BIG, Middle and little.  Failure to grasp this will confuse you or even distract you from having a proper balance in life.  If you neglect any one of these three things, you will no doubt have more problems in your life, which will necessarily lead to tragedy.  In fact, the reason we all function as we do today is because of those who have gone before us and explored these three areas.  Read more if you dare to see whether you understand the BIG, Middle and little.


No doubt, you have taken a moment at some point in your life to consider the great expanse of the heavens, even with what your own eyes can observe.  Modern telescopes enable us to view the far reaches of the Universe and photo telescopes, such as the more famous Hubble Telescope, give us some fascinating pictures of the wonders in space.  The vastness of space is enough to keep any explorer endlessly occupied, even after the wonders of this world are somewhat investigated.  The BIG, or things that are much greater that we are, often occupies our thinking.


Then again, what about the little?  Whether you realize it or not, you are benefiting from the advances in technology today from discoveries of the little.  Microscopic research and discovery has enabled us to benefit from computer technology and various means of communication, such as the convenient and incredible features on the cell phones that we can carry in our pockets.  Likely, you even regularly benefit (maybe even today) from small waves (microwaves) of heat that help cook food that you eat   The discoveries of what is little in the areas of medicine and health enable us to understand more about how medicines work and even how our genes effect the way in which we live and function.  The little allows for surgeries that are not so life threatening and can even help correct tiny things that have gone wrong in your body.  Maybe you are interested in micro-biology or even in the fascinating possibilities with nanotechnology?  The little is indeed also quite important!


When you live by sight it is the BIG that most often gets your attention.  When you understand more about what is BIG, you begin to realize the BIG would not be possible where it not for what is little.  What is little is just as important as what is BIG, though it may not be as noticed or appreciated.  When considering the BIG or the little, you might say that you are operating in the middle.  This is where you have immediate control and decide how much to consider the BIG and the little.  I find it quite ironic that the tools enabling us to better understand what is BIG and what is little both had their origins around 400 years ago in the Dutch village of Middelburg.  😀


Do you know what you find regardless of how large you magnify things through a telescope or how small you understand little things through a microscope?  You find design and order.  You see the hand of the Creator.  You understand how transcendent this Creator is, yet how immanent He is to care for even the smallest of things we cannot naturally observe with our eyes.


Dear friend, do you know this GREAT CREATOR?  His name is JESUS CHRIST.  HE came into this world and died on that middle cross to pay for the penalty of your sin against a Holy God and to provide a fix that will eventually correct the effects of sin that freedom allowed to come into His Creation.   Please see the Gospel tab above or contact me with further questions.


GOD cares about the BIG, Middle and little.  So should we.

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