The GOLD Standard

If you have paid any attention to the media or even considered personal investment opportunities, you have likely heard about “The Gold Standard.”  Many, especially in these difficult economic conditions, are personally investing in Gold.  Gold is indeed one of the best time tested precious metals of value that proves to be worthy of ownership.  The world is heading toward a unified currency (just as the Bible foretells and the news reports) and I can assure you that it will not simply be Gold (though, no doubt Gold will still have a place and value).  I’m not writing this article today to talk about the physical investment aspect of this reality, but to challenge you to think with me about the spiritual Truth and reality.


Have you ever heard of the story of King Midas?  Most everyone has.  You might want to review that story in a book or, as the opportunity allows in our video oriented culture, even review a video rendition of this story as I just did:  King Midas was granted the Golden touch so that everything he touched turned to valuable Gold.  He quickly learned that if everything is Gold, then other things of value lose their worth.  He eventually came to learn that Gold was not as valuable as he thought and that there were things even more valuable than Gold (such as his daily food, his garden flowers and even his daughter).


Do you think that people today have learned from this story?  In the last 10 minutes as I have been writing this article, I have seen 2 or 3 commercials on television talking about the investment of Gold and even much other talk about money and investments.  Our culture and the world at large is not yet understanding the things that are the most valuable, despite the economic conditions to help us wake up to the most important things in life!  The current American Government certainly is not emphasizing it.  If you want to see the Golden Touch curse, just do a bit of research about the current Government favoritism and increasing control through the inner workings of the Goldman Sachs Company.  You might just be outraged enough to WAKE UP!  Maybe it will even help you re-evaluate your own priorities.  You would think America and California now in particular might even learn some of the lessons from our own history of the westward expansion and the California Gold Rush.


Jobs are necessary for living and survival, yet they are NOT the most important part of life, nor the most important responsibility of Government.  Education is important, yet as I have personally observed, most college students and most aspiring teenagers are primarily looking to college as the way they can eventually make more money and get more of what they want to allegedly make them happier and more fulfilled in life.  Friend, it is a lieIt is deception.  Unfortunately, most are still falling for it today.  There is a better way!


There is a Biblical Gold standard and you would do well to review the Truth here.  In writing this today, I reviewed the 417 references to “Gold” in the Bible.  While Gold has and will play an important role, the wisest mere human being who ever lived (King Solomon) said that Godly (not Goldly J) Wisdom is better than even the best Gold (see Proverbs 8 or particularly Proverbs 16:16).  Through the VT Tragedy and my ensuing personal tragedy I am also learning the Truth of 1 Peter 1:7:  GOD’s trial of our faith is indeed “much more precious than Gold,” though we often fail to realize this.  In Jesus’ counsel to the lukewarm Laodicean Church he spoke of the importance of buying this “tried Gold” which is purified (see Revelation 3:18).  Purified Gold will even be a part of God’s Great City, such that the literal Gold on the street there appears as transparent glass, having lost all those impurities that give it the yellowish color (see Revelation 21:21).


Friend, you would do well to not be deluded by the curse of Gold and further consider this Biblical Gold Standard.  You may even realize the superior standard that Jesus spoke of, which is also known as “The Golden Rule” (see Matthew 7:12 and even many of the themes in my articles on this website).

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