Likely in the past week, you have heard and even thought at least some about SPACE.  July 20th was the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.  Many are talking about another trip to the moon and even further space travel.  Conspiracy theories related to this are growing and some are still refusing to believe man has even ever gone to the moon (c.f. my 04-12-09 Blog, “The Tragedy of NOT Believing”).  Whether or not we should spend more money going back to the moon, going to Mars or even further out into space is a separate question.  You may have even heard about or seen pictures of the total solar eclipse that occurred yesterday (July 22nd) and how it particularly impacted the millions of Asian and Indian people who observed it.  As I see many people SPACED OUT just now, I will take this opportunity to address the frequent underlying philosophy related to space exploration and travel—a philosophy steeped in tragedy.


The great advances in science and even space exploration would not be possible were it not for the research and applications of educational Institutions, such as Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech is a leading research University and the many years of good work in the various fields of engineering have proven to be important for scientific advances and even specific aspects of space exploration.  I have often interacted with professors and research students in the Aerospace Engineering department of Virginia Tech.  Much good work is being done and many are advancing various applications from the research.  Yet, what is it that often drives the applications of research and expenditures, especially those into space?


Space exploration today, as is true with many scientific endeavors, is more about the glorification of man than the acknowledgment and glorifying of GOD.  This is a costly mistake and one that is more tragic than most realize.  Acknowledging and working to glorify God is the chief end and whole duty of man (see Proverbs 3:6ff, Ecclesiastes 12:13 and 1 Corinthians 10:31).  Many are hoping to find some life or even evidence of water on the moon or some other planet, such as our nearest neighbor, Mars.  Despite billions of dollars being spent, or really trillions when you consider the efforts of every country worldwide, there is absolutely NO concrete evidence of any life outside of the life we know and enjoy on this earth (just as there is no concrete evidence of any transitional form of life on the earth.  There is only a blind hope this can be found.  Scientists cannot even find water in any usable form anywhere other than on our earth.  People are desperately looking for life and intelligence in space while not even fully appreciating the life that we have on this earth and even the Intelligence we can come to know.


Our Creator is knowable in the Person of Jesus Christ.  The historical and biblical record verifies the life of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus Christ proves His Deity.  Your Creator encourages exploration and even commands for this to be so on the earth (see Genesis 1:26ff and consider Psalm 8:3ff).  As we can clearly observe, HE has focused HIS attention with life, on the earth.  There is angelic life that travels throughout space, yet according to what GOD has revealed in HIS Word (The Bible), there is no other life or some “alien race” that HE Created.  That is a byproduct of the tragic anti-GOD thinking of evolutionism.  There is also even no room for prejudice among human beings, as we have been Created as one human race (see Acts 17:26).


Friend, please do not be SPACED OUT in your thinking.  Come to know your Creator personally!  He has given us much to enjoy on the earth and much to observe and potentially explore in space.  You can observe HIS Intelligent Life right here, if you will simply have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Acts 17:27ff notes that He, Himself is not very far from any of us!

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