In Your Face!

One thing characteristic of our permissive and often foolish information age is what I call the IN YOUR FACE attitude.  It is reflected in the video games that millions play and in many genres of music that millions regularly hear.  You can see it in “art” or observe it in movies, on television shows and even at sporting events.  It is often reflected in the energy and excesses seen on our college campuses.  Back in the aftermath of 04-16-07, the world watched this attitude portrayed in pictures and video that Seung-Hui Cho sent to NBC news.  In fact, it was so extreme that many began censoring this information or worse yet, ignoring it and further ignoring the shooter.  You do not learn by ignoring information and you do not solve problems without the right answers.  Maybe you have seen people who claim to have the answers.  You might have heard or watched some of the EXTREME themed shows about sports or even the animal world.  Maybe you have heard about or watched a show like MANswers that is promoted on the Spike and MTV networks.  No doubt, you are aware of the many reality shows that often encourage extreme situations to hold the interests of the viewers.  The answer to help you properly deal with all of this information and have a lively, yet healthy attitude in life is actually not far from the problem.  It is to be In YOUR FACE!


What am I talking about here?  This sounds like doublespeak!  I assure you that despite at least a triple play on words ;-), what I am saying here is not in error, nor is it doublespeak.  There would, however, be double blessings if you come to understand and accept the truth here.  Please think and reason with me.  I may talk more generally about attitudes in a future blog, but in this article I will focus on this extreme “IN YOUR FACE” attitude.


Psychologically, it does make us uncomfortable when someone violates our personal space and “gets in our face.”  We usually reserve our most intimate space for those closest to us.  There are some exceptions there, though these are usually examples of the problem I am addressing.  You likely would not simply walk up and hug some stranger that you just met. This would at least be too awkward for them and probably even for you and would bring into question your future relationship with that person.  You would not kiss just any person either, unless you like or love them or it would be in a culturally acceptable situation.  You certainly should not violate your own body or that of another in sexually hooking up with someone you hardly even know.  Yet, that very extreme way of thinking is even being promoted in our culture today and particularly to our young people.


Friend, the limits of a single page keep me from further developing what is obviously a problem.  My point to you here is that an exciting and abundant life is not found in this extreme “IN YOUR FACE” attitude.  It is also not found in some relationship with another person or even in your own face.  It is NOT Self Reliance!  The solution is to rely upon and be in the face of GOD; not with that “IN YOUR FACE” attitude, but with a reverential fear and respect before your Maker.  It is the “secret” that I wrote about in my 05-02-08 Blog.  It is the number one lesson that I am writing about in my upcoming book (see the Top Ten Lessons tabbed above).  Consider again 2 Corinthians 4:6:


“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”


Please come to know GOD in the face of Jesus Christ.  Do not fall victim to the “IN YOUR FACE” attitude.  Seek The Face of the LORD as the Psalmist, David did (see Psalm 27).  Live in the face of the LORD and let HIS FACE be reflected in your face!

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