One thing becoming increasingly common in our modern enlightened culture is hearing of further CORRUPTION.  Hardly a day goes by but what you hear of yet another scandal.  We hear of corruption in the business world (each of us is actually paying for this now) and in the business and competition in the world of sports.  There are frequent examples of scandal and corruption in religious circles and most certainly this is occurring in the world of politics.  In fact, many today are beginning to realize the extent of corruption within the Government and more and more are standing up and speaking out.  We are on the verge of a revolution of change (as was campaigned in the 2008 elections), yet what this great change will actually be is yet to be realized.  Will it be correction and a return to a superior way of living or will it be further corruption?  How is it that many are just now beginning to wake up and learn of the extensive corruption within America?  The answer is ACADEMIC…


This is why I have established this VT Lessons To Learn Website.  This is why I am writing the book—“…Lessons To Learn…”— which I trust will be completed and available by the end of this year or the beginning of 2010.  This is why GOD has allowed my personal tragedy and why it continues even to date.  I know what is wrong.  I know what is causing the corruption.  I also know the ultimate solution.  The root and breeding ground for the corruption all throughout the society is not found in some dark corner of the governmental system.  The root and breeding ground for corruption is found in the opinions of man seen in the academic establishment.


Having ministered for over 10 years on the Virginia Tech Campus, I have experientially learned the tremendous impact that the Academy has upon our culture.  There is that tremendous potential for good coming from our Colleges and Universities.  Most of your medical and technological breakthroughs happen on or in conjunction with the College campus.  Young people are educated in the highest knowledge and best understanding of life that the world knows.  There is also that potential for bad.  It is the enlightened teaching of toleration and encouraged permissiveness that enables the ruin of many young lives.  It is the campus “party life” atmosphere that many students adopt and then carry with them into the various jobs and occupations in the society.  The College tenure process and frequent lack of accountability further aids the corruption and often festers radical thinking.


Students are re-educated from their upbringing the moment they are separated from their parents.  Year after year, I have seen the radical ideas festering within the Academy being passed along to each incoming class of students.  The leaders in our Country and many leaders around the world have been educated in the American Institutions of Higher Learning.   So, if America has the best Learning Institutions in the world, then why do we continue to see so much corruption?  History even shows (consider the founding of many Ivy League Schools) that corruption quickly comes into the Institutions.


There is a solution and there is a SUPERIOR learning that I often talk about in my blog articles (c.f. the middle verse of the Bible, Psalm 118:8).  There is a yet higher education that many are missing and what would expose and more importantly replace the corruption being perpetuated today, particularly in the Academy (See my 06-29-08 “HIGHER Education” Blog or even my 06-17-08 “Intelligence and Ignorance” Blog).  The founding fathers of America understood this.


Until the greater change is realized, see that you have yourself in order and learn the number one lesson of all (c.f. “Top Ten” tabbed above).  Be sure that you find the only viable solution to the internal corruption in your own soul (See the Gospel tab above or contact me personally).  It is all Academic, though often lost in the established theological or secular Academy.

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