Mental Health

The recent shooting massacre at Fort Hood in Texas provides us with yet another opportunity to learn and grow and change.  13 more lives have been extinguished (14, when you count the developing baby killed along with the pregnant woman) and another 30 physically wounded.  With the shooter still alive, the coming days and weeks will provide us with a somewhat unique opportunity to better understand his thinking and that from his own testimony.  There are many aspects to this story which relate to areas of my own personal tragedy and even the greater Virginia Tech community.  Even if this proves to be more of a religious outburst of violence or terrorism (“radical Islam”), there are psychological questions raised given this man’s job status and even questions related to his background and education.  The fact that he turns out to be a Virginia Tech graduate, no doubt brings back memories of the awful 04-16-07 shooting massacre here in Blacksburg.  This area still needs to learn and do more to heal from that horrific day on the Virginia Tech campus and no doubt those in the Fort Hood and military communities have a long road of recovery ahead.  No matter how you look at this, what we really need is greater Mental Health!


To the degree that any of us denies the real world where we live and the basic principles operating in the Creation itself, to that degree we will be mentally ill.  While there are clear examples of mental retardation or even limitation, much of what is labeled mental illness today is nothing more than different or even poor thinking that comes from the accumulated emotional baggage of improperly living in a fallen world.  I know this personally from my interaction with far more psychologists and psychiatrists than I ever imagined and from my own interaction with dozens of patients on the inside of our mental health facilities.  There is MUCH needing to be learned from my experience of tragedy and having been involuntarily forced to spend weeks of my life on the inside.  My soon to be released book—“Lessons To Learn” (the greater title being, “The Virginia Tech Tragedy and My Personal Tragedy:  Lessons To Learn From An Insider and From Scripture”) tells the story and lays out what I have learned and what others need to seriously consider.


I, as much as any, want people to think properly.  I want people to live emotionally stable and happy with their physical life.  I want people to be spiritually healed and KNOW that this is a key area being neglected in the way that many people counsel today.  The fact is, that because we live in a fallen world and live as fallen creatures in this world, we are going to experience problems.  If we fail to understand what the Creator reveals to us through the Creation and through His own involvement in history, we will NEVER be mentally healthy.  We must look at the whole picture.  We must learn to keep a larger perspective on the tragedies of life and especially when any of us may face those personally.  That is the only way to survive in life.  That is the only way to truly prevail and live an emotionally stable and satisfying life.  I KNOW this to be true and have been able to face all of the incredible tragedy and stressors that I have, because of my personal relationship with the GREAT CREATOR.


There is SO MUCH MORE I would like to share to help and encourage you, dear reader.  I am doing this through all of my writings on this Website and through the book that will lay it all out in greater detail.  Please take time to consider what I am saying.  Read over the other articles on this Website.  Be sure that you understand the GOOD NEWS (see the GOSPEL tab above).  Accepting this Truth from the CREATOR is the only way to have a happy life and be certain of the life to come.  Whether you agree with all I am saying or not, if you hope to maintain the best Mental Health you can have now, please learn what you will with me.

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