I trust this article will help you who are reading to think with me about a very important subject all tied to Virginia Tech.  Tragedy has brought me to the point of sharing this more publicly and we all can learn if we seriously think about what I am explaining here.  Having observed much of the tragic circumstances surrounding the Fort Hood Massacre and as we have learned more about the shooter, Nadal Malik Hasan, I am compelled to write this particular article today.  There are three philosophies of life that can be seen reflected in the lives of three figures, all tied to Virginia Tech and related to events over the past 31 months:  1.  Radical Islam, which kills; 2.  Radical Secularism, which feels; and 3.  Radical Christianity, which heals.


After 09-11-01, most of us came to understand in a greater and more real way than ever before, that there are philosophies of life which threaten the very physical life of us all.  Islamic Jihadism is a religious philosophy that seeks to control through violence.  This is why 3,000 people were murdered on 09-11-01.  Radical Islam kills;  proponents take a fundamental approach to their faith, advocating violence to mitigate justice or bring people to submission.  Violent actions are often preceded by a cry of “Allah Akbar.”  Followers believe that GOD is pleased with them even taking violent action into their own hands.  They use terror that they bring upon people in various ways to force submission.  Some even use deferred promises of pleasure to motivate people to follow their radical philosophy (e.g. “72 Virgins,” or some other heavenly reward).  Nadal Malik Hasan followed a Radical Islamic philosophy and took violent action into his own hands (no matter how psychopathic one thinks he was then).  Certainly, his thinking was impacted by his education at Virginia Tech and as he studied further in the field of secularized psychology, just as it was impacted through his turning to Jihadism.  That brings me to the second philosophy—Radical Secularism.


I submit that Radical Secularism is more dangerous than Radical Islam and is even often used as a motivation for violence.  It directly impacts far more people too.  Radical Secularism feels; proponents take a materialistic philosophy of life and religiously seek to exclude religion or any vestige of GOD from education, the media, the government or any public arena.  I say this philosophy feels because the focus is on what can be seen or touched.  It is at least agnostic, emphasizing uncertainty or doubt about anything not physically observed and most often atheistic. This philosophy looks only to the natural world or the greater universe (current thinking) for answers.  Since the focus is on what can be physically felt, there is little to no help available for emotional or spiritual feelings.  Medicine is seen as the primary solution for any problem with the psyche.  In Radical Secularism each person becomes the center of their own universe.  When not tempered by others, this will turn one inward to the point that they eventually act out.  This is where Seung-Hui Cho was.  His psyche had been impacted by Radical Secular thinking and resulting hypocrisy that he saw in others around him (incidentally, that is how Islam itself began).  This philosophy dominates the scientific world and the academic community.  At its root is a religious belief in evolution.  This brings me to introduce the third philosophy—Radical Christianity.


Christians are supposed to BE followers of Jesus Christ.  While Jesus confronted the error of the religious leaders of His day, He did not advocate His disciples taking violence into their own hands.  In fact, He advocated loving GOD above all and loving your neighbor as yourself (c.f. Mark 12:30-31).  Jesus even said to love your enemies and do good to those who hate you (Matthew 5:44).  Radical Christianity heals; proponents are called to follow all of Christ’s teachings and take this Gospel of healing into the whole world (Matthew 28:18-20).  Each has been given a ministry of reconciliation, so they cannot be passive.  (2 Corinthians 5:18).  Many act apart from the teachings of Jesus and thus succumb to a secularized religion.  In fact, Christians are indeed responsible under GOD to be RADICAL in this sense—being what they should and doing (living up to) what the Bible teaches.  This is what I, Charles R. Pugh, have been doing.  After 04-16-07, my living out This Faith is what labeled me psychotic and to date, has separated me from my family and many former friends (including many professing Christians).  Dr. Henry M. Morris lived out this simple, RADICAL faith too and Virginia Tech even helped turn his world upside down (see my 02-25-09 Blog:  “Tragedy, Truth and Triumph—Henry M. Morris”).  Read Hebrews 11 for many other examples of this RADICAL CHRISTian FAITH.


If Christians were REVIVED and living a true RADICAL CHRISTianity (and many will indeed see this as crazy), there would be healing in our land!  If Christians do not step up NOW, then America and the freedoms WE ALL enjoy will continue to collapse under the philosophy of Radical Secularism, just as many other Nations throughout history have.  America’s founders warned of this reality as well.  Selah!

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