Being PARALYZED is a terrible thing.  I have several friends who have lost limbs or are living with the limitations of paralyzation.  Likely, you know someone who is restricted this way.  Interestingly, GOD often is better able to spiritually use people who are physically paralyzed.  Consider how HE has used people such as Joni Eareckson Tada, who is a quadriplegic after a diving accident over 40 years ago and depends upon daily help from others, yet is being used of GOD in a global outreach to the disability community and many others.  Each of us lives with our own set of challenges and we often fail to even thank GOD for basic things, such as the use of the various parts of our physical body!  This Thanksgiving Holiday time of year (often neglected in our day, or diminished to a half-hearted time with some family or friends, called: “Turkey Day”) is a great time to specially reflect on all we should be thankful for—EVERY DAY that we live (see my “Think To Thank” poem tabbed above).  So far as being limited by PARALYZATION, I wish to take that thought and apply it to the non-physical.  It is s SERIOUS PROBLEM in our society and the reason why my own personal tragedy has continued.  The question for you, dear reader, is: “How might you be PARALYZED”?!?


Consider the paralysis that often happens in the wake of some tragedy.  An unexpected event occurs and typically leaves the “victim” in a state of shock.  That is the natural first response.  The sad fact is that others who are aware, yet not directly impacted by the tragedy, often do not step up to help those who have been hurt, or are very slow to do so.  There are many examples of this that you may have even seen, such as people who just walk by someone clearly hurt or just continue to shop or do their own thing when someone’s very life is in peril.  That reveals a deeper problem in the human heart and even in the accepted thinking.  My personal state of tragedy, which followed the Virginia Tech Tragedy, happened to me because I was NOT PARALYZED in any way—physically, emotionally, or especially spiritually, when so many around me were.  In fact, GOD even took away the physical limitations I had struggled with for around three years.  To many around me, it appeared that my mood and even actions were inappropriate or even that I suffered from some manic episode or mental illness.  This was because I was doing all that I could to help people in the aftermath of that horrible tragedy.  I was locked up, labeled psychotic, forced on medication and isolated from family and friends.  Tragically, my personal tragedy has continued for nearly 31 months now, despite thousands aware of my situation and even my repeated appeals for help in various ways.  In fact, my reasonable actions and the overreactions of others (even as reflected in legislation, such as Virginia’s HB559) led to two additional involuntary commitments for me.  I have been learning A LOT!  J


Friend, I do not know exactly where you may be in your life today, yet I challenge you to consider whether you might even be suffering from some emotional or even worse, some spiritual PARALYSIS.  This need not be the case and I can help you if you will hear me and learn from my experience with tragedy.  The fact is, that I am not emotionally defeated (not because I have the help and support from many others), but because I am leaning on the very ONE who CREATED me and ALL.  JESUS CHRIST allowed HIMSELF to be nailed to a cross because HE was the ONLY ONE who could bring healing to HIS CREATION and to you personally.  This man is the ONLY ONE to have ever defeated the power of death!  HE will help you if you let HIM, no matter who else will.


You can learn more by seeing how GOD has sustained me, even as I have reflected on what I am learning through the many articles on this Website.  You can Look to Jesus, Learn from Jesus and Lean on Jesus, just as HE invited in Matthew 11:28-30.  That was a message that I preached to only one other lady (and other workers listening in) on 04-29-07, when I was locked up in the most intensive treatment unit of the Roanoke Rehabilitation Center.  I’ll send you the scanned copy if you desire (just contact me through the contact tab).


May the LORD help you with any physical, emotional, or spiritual challenge and may you NOT BE PARALYZED!!!

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