Trusting The SYSTEM?

My life experience (particularly in the past 32 months, since 04-16-07) should be enough to help anyone at least question The SYSTEM.  What am I talking about?  I’ve addressed it in many articles on this Website.  Is there a system we can look to and possibly even trust?  Many are recognizing the problems in the government; can we trust those politicians who are putting us all into such massive, shackling debt that it will cripple us for years to come?  Maybe we should look to the educational system?  Then again, there are all of those failures in the standards of learning and testing, along with all of the increasing violence and even shootings in our schools.  Perhaps we can trust the medical system?  The health care debate is certainly bringing out many issues and problems there.  I know… the answer must be to trust the religious system!  Yet, there are obvious problems there too and this is the very thing that creates resentment and even wars and turns many from GOD.  As noted in my recent “Radical CHRISTianity” Blog, many burnt by the religious system turn to radical secularism or a more violent religion, such as radical Islam.  Surely we can claim our human rights and trust the legal and Justice System of this great United States or perhaps even that global body at the United Nations!?  Yet, my forced and unjust experiences (even again this past Monday) illustrate many serious problems in the legal system.  Are you trusting The SYSTEM?  If so, which aspect and why?


Likely, you have been burnt or turned off by something that did not work as it was supposed to work.  Maybe it was with some organization or possibly your own place of employment? Perhaps you have even been turned off or mistreated in some church?  Maybe you have been pressured and disappointed by family members?  Regardless of what your experience has been, you can identify with problems in The SYSTEM.  The SYSTEM is that mass of Beliefs, Opinions, Actions and Thoughts where we live (or ride in, if you catch the acronym ;-)).  It is the collective interaction and atmosphere around you.  You might even think about it in relation to the potential record breaking winter weather system that is currently bearing down on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and East Coast regions.  Note how the meteorological particulars even come together to make this storm system.


We live in fascinating days today!  The technology that allows for instant communication all over the world, along with the collection and accessibility to past experiences and knowledge, helps create and leads to a more unified, overall SYSTEM.  Ideas battle to dominate the collective thinking and fortify the BOAT.  If the mass of people build this system using a VIRTUAL world (as I last wrote) and are not anchored from the dangerous floating ideas and winds of change, the whole system is destined to CRASH!  Why is it that there are so many problems today and daily examples of human initiated or directed tragedy?


We are leaving GOD out of His CREATION.  We seek the impossible task of explaining everything from merely a Natural perspective.  That cannot be done!  Man does have the CREATOR’S Mandate to have dominion over the earth (c.f. Genesis 1:26ff), but not the right to leave GOD out of everything or isolate Him to a small area of life (like a Sunday morning church service).  Problems come when we leave GOD—The CREATOR out of our dominion or system.  The result of this is that all—even the religious systems—then change the glory of this incorruptible CREATOR into something far beneath what it actually is.  Consider the GOD-Inspired words of Romans 1:22-23:


“Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man–and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.”


Friend, if you want GOD’S best for you and all those around you, then you’d better learn to not trust The SYSTEM, but trust GOD—The CREATOR and His Inspired Word!  If not, then you and all who choose this foolish alternative will experience tragic results (see Romans 1:24ff)!

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