ONE WAY Communication

As we each reflect back on 2009 and look forward into 2010, it is quite appropriate to think further about communication.  Who did you communicate with in 2009 or who reached out to communicate with you?  To whom should you reach out and try to communicate with this coming year?  Many still send out cards or information letters, especially around Christmas time or toward the end of the year.  We each would do well to more fully consider GOD’s communication to us, as specially celebrated this time of year.  In fact, you may wish to review my 07-06-08 Blog article entitled “KEY Communication” for more thoughts there.  I wish to take this article in a slightly different direction and here talk more about “ONE WAY Communication.”


Communication is the dispensing of information from one source to another.  It is best if there is a response from where the information was sent, so that there is a better certainty that the information was properly conveyed and understood.  Many problems come when there is not proper communication.  I know this personally.


Little did I know when I wrote that on 12-31-2009, that my life was about to take another step in the direction of yet additional trials and tragedy.  Just as I had written those previous words in the two paragraphs above, there was a knock on my door and two policemen there.  When I opened the door, they quickly barged their way into my home.  They said I was a fugitive from the law and that there was a warrant out for my arrest.  Wow!  How true what I had just written really is and how much more personal this was all about to get!  The policemen did allow me to put on some clothes to go out, but followed me upstairs to make sure I wasn’t trying anything suspicious.  They handcuffed me behind my back, put me in one of their squad cars and drove me to the local Magistrate in the town nearby.  When I asked, they told me they did not know whether I would get to come back or not.  I saw no warrant or other papers and was not read any rights, yet I was quickly taken in and soon found out that I was actually going to be held in jail for some unspecified time.  They were going to hold me for extradition to North Carolina, where my now ex-wife and five kids are currently, still living in unsubstantiated fear and paranoia from a misguided psychological label that I initially received in the immediate aftermath of the Virginia Tech Tragedy.  That was at the beginning of my personal tragedy and how this website and all I am writing came about.  How about all of this for a real-life example of what I am talking about with this “One-Way Communication”?!


At first, I thought this was over an incident on Christmas Eve, where a friend from work and another friend and I drove down and dropped off Christmas presents for my kids.  I stayed with the police then, so as to prevent any false allegation that I might have broken the original ex-parte’ unproven Protective Order that was issued on 04-18-08 and later extended to 04-18-10.  That is what has kept me from communicating with my wife and thus our five children since.  As I was being processed at the jail, I found out this warrant was actually from an incident where my mom had gone to the door of my in-laws’ house to drop off her presents for my kids, back when we were in town on 12-14-09 for a sad and tragic divorce hearing.  I stayed far enough away from their house then, so as to not violate that Order.  Despite this, a warrant has been filed for my arrest and I found myself trapped in jail here, with little to no communication about all of this and what was to come for the entire first two weeks of 2010!  I was just released temporarily today, to soon turn myself in down in North Carolina.  My time as an Insider, now in jail as well, has given me many additional examples of the lack of and even the problems with bad or only one-way communication.


More will come about all of this when my book is published and this story hits the media.  For now, I wish that you would please consider the communication that GOD Himself made to all of us.  Jesus Christ was born into this world to give His life for us.  HE is the ONE WAY for all of us to be able to communicate with a thrice HOLY GOD.  In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”  Don’t let HIS communication end up as only one-way in regard to you!  Respond to the living Savior!  We all sin and need GOD’s grace and forgiveness.  Take time to further consider this One-Way that you have to begin or else strengthen your personal relationship with GOD.  Communicate this Gospel Truth to as many as you can in your ministry of reconciliation (see 2 Corinthians 4 and 5).  Our time is short.  Redeem the time you have left!

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