Do you GET IT?

“You just don’t get it!”  How often have you heard someone say this or perhaps have even said this to someone else yourself?  From my most recent experience with tragedy, all coming from the core tragedy of what happened at Virginia Tech on 04-16-07, this line is still ringing in my mind.  In my last Blog, I noted the problem with only one-way communication, along with the need for us to consider The ONE particular Way GOD has personally communicated with us.  I mentioned the sad fact that I had to spend 14 days of my life (and it could have easily been as long as 90 days 😮 ) in jail here in my own area for something I did not even do down in North Carolina.  As a condition for release in this Blacksburg area, I had to turn myself in to the Eastern North Carolina authorities, where the false charge was alleged.  I ended up spending an additional 4 days of my life locked up there (and again, it could have been longer).  My initial defense was again not heard, despite reference to specifics, including naming the police who had stopped me back in December and let me go.  The Judge there, who since 2008 has ruled in ways that have kept my family separated, again condescendingly said to me:  “You just don’t get it!”


After this Judge’s biased statement, she set a knowingly high and hard to reach Bond amount for me.  I was whisked away into the jail system there, yet I continued to “trust GOD and His Word” (a key statement I last said to my five children, which I detail more in the story part of my book).  My Court appointed lawyer was finally able to work out a deal to have me released again.  I trust that this will be the last major tragic event before my book is published and my voice has a greater opportunity to be heard.  I learned even more while in jail there and have additional time as an Insider in yet another region of our American jail system.  This Insider role GOD has given me, both at Virginia Tech, as well as in the mental health system and now the legal and criminal systems, has uniquely positioned me to help many more learn things that will improve our entire society and help more learn to truly prevail.  I wanted to strongly say to the Judge last Monday, yet refrained myself then, that “Indeed, I do GET IT and I would like for you to at least hear it!”


In playing off this phrase, I wish to pose a greater and more important way to consider this question yourself:  “Do you GET IT?”  Certainly, people are gifted at various and different things.  Some are more intelligent and figure out how to solve problems and understand things that few others do.  Others have more common sense and often better understand how to solve everyday problems.  There are some who seem to understand very little or who “just don’t get it” in many areas of life.  Regardless of where you see yourself and others around you, remember that we all are unique and face different challenges in life.  GOD has Created each of us for a specific purpose.  He has a general Will that He has revealed for all of us in His Word.  He also has a specific Will for each person and wants you to consider what this is for you and learn to do it!  The question is, “Are you even interested in what HIS purpose and Will is for you?  Do you GET IT?


Proverbs 4:7 proclaims, “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.”  If you wish to be wise, understand life and come to learn GOD’s specific Will for your life, then you must first come to acknowledge your Creator and the fact that you are separated from Him.  GOD made provision for you in The Person of JESUS CHRIST.  As your Creator, HE died, was buried and rose again to make it possible for you to GET IT!  Upon your repentance from sin toward Him, you can GET forgiveness from your sin, GET hope for your life, GET justification, GET sanctification and GET much more!  Your faith in JESUS even GETS you GOD’s Spirit to direct your way into His Will for your life!  Now that I have explained a bit more about this spiritual Truth, the question remains, “Do you GET IT?”

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