By now, you may have heard of the most recent campus shooting. On Friday afternoon, biology professor Amy Bishop, at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, took out a hand gun and shot and killed three fellow professors, injuring three others. What a tragedy, and that on many levels! This time, it wasn’t a student; it was a respected professor. While more about this and Mrs. Bishop will be coming out, it seems clear that she is a highly intelligent woman, with an earned doctorate from Harvard University. Her doctorate was in genetics and she worked in the medical field before joining the Huntsville campus as a biology professor. Mrs. Bishop had been involved in much good research, in particular, in the field of neuroscience. A focus of her research has involved the gaseous chemical compound, nitric oxide, which is known as a free radical. I wish to play off this point in today’s Blog article and make several applications.


Ironically, Mrs. Bishop appears to be somewhat of a free radical herself and apparently had some kind of personal neural breakdown. She is known for her intense personality and even her more liberal positions while living in Massachusetts. Personally, I see a potential flag coming up (likely tied to what I discuss in Lesson #3) in the fact that she did not take her husband’s name when married. I also submit that whatever will be decided to have driven her to this terrible act of violence, no doubt was supported by the radical thinking of evolutionary humanism that she had in her education background and what so often dominates the thinking on our college campuses today. Sadly, our most prestigious Universities have forgotten the foundation upon which they were established. I speak more to this in Lesson #8 in my soon to be published book. You may also wish to review my 11-15-09 related article, “Radical CHRISTianity.” Word comes out Saturday that Mrs. Bishop also shot and killed her brother just over 23 years ago.


Chemically speaking, free radicals are reactionary and an imbalance of them in one’s body can be deadly. This is part of what leads to cancerous tumors and possibly even the aging process. Spiritually speaking, unless people are radical in the good and balanced sense I discussed in that “Radical CHRISTianity” article, they will be more emotionally reactionary and subject to the pains of tragedy, either as a victim or even a perpetrator (e.g. Mrs. Bishop). This wrong-headed, radical secular thinking (some might call it “progressivism”) that often permeates our campuses, has even found itself into the highest areas of today’s U.S. Government. If we do not soon pull back from this, there will be even greater economic tragedy for all of us.


Thankfully, we still have so many freedoms in America, though we often take them for granted. My three unjust involuntary commitments since 04-16-07 and two recent detainments in the jails from other’s wrong and radical, reactionary thinking, have certainly helped me to be even more thankful. Thankfulness is often seen as radical, especially in suffering or tragedy. True love (particularly appropriate to address this Valentine’s Day 😉 ) is also a radical concept that is often talked about, but rarely expressed. We, especially as Americans, want freedom. We often mistakenly think of freedom to mean we can do and believe whatever we want. Religious freedom is foundational to all freedom (I speak of this more in discussing Lesson #4). Jesus said in John 8:36:


“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”


Jesus came to give His life as the substitute for your sins. He arose from the dead and is soon coming again! He can make you truly free as a radical for Him! May your #1 goal be, “To Be FREE” (just as I wrote in that 2008 Poem, also found under the Poem tab above).

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