One of the things leading to tragedy of small and even large proportions is the RUSH Job mentality. Our Information Age, along with the tendency we have today to just rush around from one activity to the next, sets us up for tragic thinking and tragic mistakes. This is true for students working on a project or studying for a test, athletes working to perform a particular task (just consider the Olympic Athletes), employees working on a job or looking to build a business, government authorities pushing through large and mostly unread bills or legislation, and any believer in GOD who attempts to grow in maturity and spirituality and hopes to just be zapped or somehow enlightened to a level of growth. Life just doesn’t work that way. Time serves a purpose. It allows for development; it allows for growth. GOD set it up this way. We mess things up when we take a short cut and do a RUSH Job or have that mentality.


What led me to write this blog article today? The fact is that this subject came to my particular attention in what I, myself have been trying to do to get my book totally finished, published and printed in time for the third Anniversary of the 04-16-07 VT Tragedy. I recently completed the book itself, along with its many appendices, and submitted it for typesetting and publication. I am seeking to get a proper RUSH Job 🙂 for this process to have it released and available by that 04-16 Anniversary. I did not rush the writing of this book, nor did I just let it sit and do no work to complete it. The fact is that it has been the major part of my life over the course of the past 34 months, as my personal tragedy has continued for so long. I have written the story part of the book while I have been experiencing the tragedy. Though I had finished that story part last fall, I did briefly include information about the latest tragic events that led to my unjust incarcerations (See my more recent “ONE WAY Communication” and “Do You GET IT?” blog articles).


So far as rushing to accomplish some task, I am not arguing against working hard and fast. We each are motivated by deadlines. Sometimes people work better when they have a deadline to meet and use more energy to focus on that task. This is particularly true if one is a victim of what amounts to an attention deficit mentality (quite common in our day of fast moving video and instant communication). It is also true that the only way to reach goals (or at least recognize what you are doing) is to actually set them. We should measure progress in any activity through goals and specific times set aside to evaluate. Problems come and tragedy can result when foundational elements are not a proper part of any activity or project. Doing a RUSH Job can be, and often is, quite dangerous!


Rushing is dangerous when you lose control or lose your ability to properly accomplish a task. When you procrastinate what you should be doing, you set yourself and others up for tragedy. How often have you waited to study for some test and then found out you couldn’t remember all of the information or even panicked and did poorly? How often have you put off a repair that you could have made until it created more problems to deal with and cost you even more? How often have you filled your life with less important things and various entertainments to the neglect of the more important spiritual Truth that is so vital, even for a successful physical life?

Are you too busy? Being busy is not wrong in itself, unless you are busy about the wrong things. Could it be, as some have suggested, that you are “Being Under Satan’s Yoke”? Do you take time out for GOD (and I’m not talking about simply a Sunday service or a one-minute daily thought or devotional)? GOD even set aside one day a week for us to rest and particularly worship Him.


In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”


Anything other or less is tragic and likely a RUSH Job.

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