The power of music often amazes me.  Music most often brings people together, though it can even tear people apart or bring about tragedy.  Music is meditation.  It is a language that can transcend various speaking languages and even other cultural barriers.  Music is so powerful, that you would hardly even be interested in any movie, without the sound and music in the background.  Just try watching a movie without the sound and see the level of impact it has on you then.  Many couples have “a song” that helps fuse them together.  Songs play a part in so many aspects of our lives!  Companies sell products using music and people’s moods are often controlled through the music to which they particularly listen.  Students often can tell you about the latest songs or let you listen to an MP3 file on their electronic device.  Many people even put songs onto their cell phones or to be the ring tune for when certain people are calling.  Did you know that GOD is Musical?  What music might GOD most appreciate?  Can you NAME that TUNE?


When you talk about music you are apt to get strong emotional reactions from others, for music ties itself to the emotions in our lives.  If you dare to criticize any type of music, you most certainly will face a reaction from those who seek to protect what is tied to their emotional feelings.  Music is also mathematical.  Those who are naturally gifted in music or who have learned more about how to play some musical instrument understand more about the detailed patterns of sound and how they work together to make music.  Music is very influential in our lives and very powerful!


Evolutionary minded people have a problem trying to show how various music has come about.  Sometimes, they suggest that people have just learned music from simple experimentation or mimicking certain animals.  Clearly, music (and much else) cannot be reasonably explained by evolution and it goes much deeper than some learned practice.  GOD Himself must be musical because of how HE created sound.  There is even a harmony of sound in nature.  Scientists have also learned that inanimate objects, such as rocks or even planets, have a certain sound frequency through their atomic vibrations.  You just have to be in tune with the frequency to hear the sound.  Just as roaming through the radio station will tune you in to various frequencies to hear different music, so tuning in to matter on the molecular level will bring out particular sounds at various frequencies.


As I noted in my 01-30-09 Blog, “Choices and Voices” (which I wrote during my 3rd involuntary commitment), Scripture teaches that there is a voice or speech and language that comes from all of what GOD has created (Psalm 19:1-3).  All of the sounds that GOD has created are forms of worship toward Him.  There is nothing inherently evil about sound or individual notes of music.  Music, however, is not amoral (as many Christians today try to argue), for music is a collection of sound patterns that convey moral messages.  Is it not then logical and easy to understand how some combination of sound patterns run contrary to the way that GOD wants us to live and especially to worship Him?  In a fallen world filled with evil and with a created being (Lucifer) who is called “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), is it not easy to see that their must be music that is counter to what would be in tune with GOD Himself?  Would that not be a very common thing for the devil to now use, particularly with him originally being Created to specially worship GOD (Ezekiel 28:13ff)?


Do you know what sacred music is?  Did you know that music is an important part of the story in my own personal tragedy?  This explains why my phone line randomly breaks (discovered since 05-21-07), when I sing sacred music and rarely breaks up when simply talking.  Can you NAME the TUNE of what music pleases and truly worships GOD?  Meditating on music that pleases GOD will give you much power and help you be in TUNE with HIS NAME (see Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16).


I welcome any feedback or communication with any wishing to discuss this further.  See my contact information on this Website below.

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