The RIGHT to Health?!?

What do you think about all of this talk about healthcare and our being told we have the “RIGHT” to this?  That is essentially the basis for why the U.S. Congress has now passed a bill that is arguably Unconstitutional and most certainly unsustainable to actually best care for the health of all those in America.  What is this expected standard for “health” anyway?  Is Health Care a “RIGHT” that our Creator has given us, akin to what America’s Founders said was at least, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?  That is what we are being told by many leaders, but is this true?


Before discussing this further, it should be remembered that our “RIGHTS” are only as good as those in authority are at living up to the responsibility to enforce them.  You may wish to review my 02-09-09 Blog, “RIGHTS and Responsibilities.”  I also discuss these issues more in my soon to be released book—right at the time of the 3rd VT Tragedy Anniversary on 04/16/10.  Should not a parent have the right to be around and help teach and direct their children?  Should we not have the right to freely speak our mind and opinion?  Should we not have the right to seek to worship GOD the way that we personally choose?  These are basic rights—Freedom of Faith, Speech and Family—that I personally am fighting for and have suffered much tragedy, as they have been repeatedly denied to me or diminished by authorities I have encountered.


Back to this “RIGHT” to health care:  Should certain “care” that others deem important or necessary for you be forced upon you?  That is what happened to me in the immediate aftermath of the Virginia Tech Tragedy.  I was, against reason and good judgment, but in a fearful and sensitive environment, involuntarily admitted to a mental Hospital.  I was then forced to take various anti-psychotic medications.  I have since been legally kept from my family due to this initial forced “healthcare treatment.”  Do you see what a dangerous place our Country is in?  Do you understand the control that the Government and others are about to have over your life and health?  We need to WAKE UP and LIVE UP to our GOD-given responsibilities if we hope to secure our RIGHTS and any standard of health we deem important.


Personally, are you being responsible to live in healthy ways that you can, and do you have habits of good, personal hygiene?  Do you allow for putting substances into your body to “treat” things that you face physically, emotionally or even spiritually?  Friends, I am not advocating that any human being control you in these things and particularly not any nebulous and changing “Government” authority or system of thought.  I am concerned for our Country on many levels and primarily on the level that we are spiritually weak and sickly.  We are pleasure seeking for things and relationships, which are incapable of delivering the greatest pleasure and happiness that we seek!  We are talking a lot about spiritual things today, but most often denying the true power of GOD (c.f. 2 Timothy 3:5).  We are focusing more on our own ideas of education and not the “HIGHER Education” that I spoke about in my 06-29-08 Blog Article.  We are not doing very well at keeping our own word (I wrote about that too 😉 ), much less GOD’s Word—the Bible.


I wish good health for you and that must start with spiritual healing.  Do you know GOD through the Person of Jesus Christ?  Have you experienced His Grace and Forgiveness from your sin?  It is available, but GOD is not like the current Government authorities who would under good intentions “force” some deemed health care onto you.  You have to come to Him and believe on Him.  You have to ask for His help to be happy, no matter what problems or tragedy you face.  Consider the words of King Solomon in Proverbs 17:22 and whether or not your spirit is whole:


“A merry heart does good, like medicine [literally, is good medicine], But a broken spirit dries the bones.”


That, and not fear, doubt and anxiety, is the RIGHT Health to have and you can only have this in a personal relationship with GOD through Jesus Christ, no matter what other healthcare you seek.

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