Finding GRACE

One thing often misunderstood about GOD is His Graciousness.  Because Grace is by definition, “unmerited favor,” we often fall into the trap of thinking our efforts or “works” have nothing to do with Grace.  This is not a complete understanding.  I submit this is one obstacle blocking the blessings we all desire to see.  This relates to Eternal Salvation of course, so we must be very careful to get this right!  When you do properly understand this, you will be able to make it through whatever you face.  You will learn to trust GOD during the more “silent” times where He is not working in a more obvious way so that all would have to see.  You will learn to face any tragedy and trust GOD to triumphantly walk through it so you can prevail!  You must be Finding GRACE!


You will often hear people talk about how we are living in the “last days” (and indeed, we are, though this can also be misunderstood).  Jesus did speak about how the time nearing His coming again would be “as in the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:26).  The greater point in this, though, is that certain human behavior will continue on despite all the events happening in the world.  The thing we all must look for no matter what age of time we live in or in whatever circumstances we face, is GOD’s Grace.  That is what Noah “found” (Genesis 6:8) and it enabled him to be a channel that GOD could use to change the direction of the world (you may want to also reference that last poem I have written:  “Would GOD Use You?” –see the Poems tab).


Are you experiencing GOD’s Grace?  Of course, everyone is on a general level, for this is the Age (of Grace) we live in since Jesus Christ paid the price for sin on the cross.  My question goes deeper—are you growing in Grace as the Apostle Peter admonished (2 Peter 3:18)?  Have you found and even applied Grace to work in the first place?  That initial admission is by faith alone and not through any works.  Despite what some teach or say, GOD does not automatically favor you because of what Jesus Christ has done.  A common theological and psychological error today says that God loves you and gives His Grace to you because you are valuable to Him.  On the contrary, you are valuable to GOD because HE loves you and HE wants to extend His Grace to you if you allow Him to do so!  Would you specially favor and bless someone or even some Nation (see my 01-21-09 Blog: “The Tragedy of WISHful thinking”) who is not committed to following what you know is the right way?  Should we think that GOD would do any differently?  Do you see how so many (possibly even you?) have fallen for this error?


Dear reader, I do wish for you that you would come to accept and then come to grow in the Grace that GOD longs to lavish upon you.  GOD’s Grace will sustain you no matter what you face.  I know!  J  As this Virginia Tech community now comes to the third Anniversary of 04-16-07, may we all realize that our Gracious GOD has a special word for those who would turn to Him and it is also a 4:16Hebrews 4:16 says:


“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”


May you be Finding GRACE to help you truly prevail, no matter what comes your way!

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