“Please Pay ATTENTION!” This was my plea to a North Carolina Judge last Friday, as she again ruled against me, not on the basis of real evidence. This ruling effectively keeps me from communication with my five dear children for an additional two years! This Judge once again overlooked evidence in front of her and refused to let me present additional evidence. She ruled against me on the basis on her own misguided and uninformed previous judgments and what another judge had ruled back in April, simply because he didn’t believe me (after reading my testimony in my book, which was entered into evidence then). This brings me again to thinking and writing about how important it is to Pay ATTENTION!


Much tragedy happens because people are not paying attention to the events around them. This could be as simple as taking the wrong medication, failing to supervise children around dangerous situations, driving while distracted from texting, talking or intoxication, and even through failure to notice a troubled soul needing to be helped somehow. We must learn to Pay ATTENTION more than we often do! This takes effort; it often means even harder work. Our human nature, along with the entertainment and existentially driven society, feeds the problem. It seems easier to just move on, avoid the problem or even ignore that it exists. I have spoken about this problem in a number of blog articles.


None of us will see everything all the time. How often do you find mistakes in your own writings or even further consider the words that you say? I wonder how many would even make enough money to survive if financial payment only came through the attention we pay to the things in our lives. Are we considering the things that impact us every day? Are we doing anything to change and improve our situation? Are we looking to help others the way we should and the way GOD expects us to help? Are we even acknowledging GOD in our daily living? Friends, there is much so many are still missing that needs to be seen and learned! Discernment is a real weakness in many lives today as there is so little daily exercise to determine all that right and wrong.


How can we learn about the more important and foundational spiritual things that are unseen, if we are not even paying enough attention to the things which are seen? GOD encourages us to seek things out and get understanding (e.g. Proverbs 4:7). He wants us to seek HIM and HIS way and understand Who HE is (c.f. Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 11:9, etc.) HE notes that we are without excuse here since we can know much about what is unseen if we simply study what is seen that HE has created (see Romans 1:20).


Friend, please be diligent to pay more attention to the things around you. If you do not more problems will come and evil will triumph. You may just be able to help that troubled soul, like Seung-Hui Cho, and prevent a tragedy like the 04-16-07 VT Massacre! Maybe you could even help prevent another terrorist attack or another mass shooting, like the one taking at least 9 more lives in Connecticut earlier today. Pay Attention to the things happening around you and be a person like those sons of Issachar in King David’s day, who were paying attention and “had understanding of the times” to know what needed to be done (I Chronicles 12:32).


You should Pay ATTENTION to my story as well, for it reflects a dangerous direction our entire society is headed, which will lead to many more tragedies, maybe even for you personally. Please, Pay ATTENTION and be a part of the solution!

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