Are you Brainwashed? I recently had a friend repeatedly exclaim to me that I was being “brainwashed!” I had already been thinking a lot about how we think 😉 and so I’m taking this cue for today’s blog title. Please think about this with me and be careful, for you might fall victim to brainwashing! 😉 What is your brain washed with? Is it the many voices of the ever changing secular focused society? Might it be the mind numbing rituals of some religious organization or philosophical system? Certainly, there is much to think about here and things that are very relevant to help you think properly.


I decided to look up the definition for brainwashing. A common definition I found is “a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, originated in totalitarian countries, esp. through the use of torture, drugs, or psychological-stress techniques.” A typical understanding of brainwashing involves some type of forced control. Now, what I have to say here and the tragedy that has happened to me since the VT Tragedy certainly illustrates the danger of the path America is currently on and what any real crisis could bring for any of us to experience (I know this not just in theory, but from the actual experiences I have had in the aftermath of “the worst U.S. shooting massacre in history”). I have had many (judges, lawyers, mental health workers, inmates, family, friends, pastors, etc.) essentially attempt to brainwash me. Several Judges have even ruled that I be forced into psychological treatment, including an early ruling that I be legally forced to take anti-psychotic medications. Various organizations within the government system have also put pressures on me to compromise my thinking and believe like they do.


Is all of that not an attempt to brainwash me and alter my choice of thinking? Sadly, many friends, family and those formally supporting me have given in to unreasonable fears and the errant psychological thinking and forsaken me (despite my logical and loving pleadings with them). Brainwashing (and the attempt to do so) is actually what has brought about and even perpetuated my personal tragedy and the book that I published this year. In fact, I have been labeled “psychotic” and “delusional” and “incapable of making an informed decision,” along with other labels (essentially, not thinking clearly), merely because I am not reacting as the average person does or talking incoherently, turning to alcohol or drugs or immoral behavior. Does my faith in GOD and His Word make me brainwashed as many (psychological and other authorities and even more recently my friend) believe? I think not (sarcastic pun intended ;})!


Thinking differently from the majority of those around you or those in authority over you is not being brainwashed, at least not in the dictionary definition. It is quite the opposite! Playing off this, I would like to challenge you to think biblically and that through a careful, systematic understanding. If one thinks that this is being brainwashed, then I am guilty! I choose to regularly wash my brain with the water of the Word (c.f. Ephesians 5:26). I choose to think about life and meaning from a greater perspective than evolutionary humanism—the pervasive thinking of our culture, even permeating into religious circles. Consider Philippians 4:8 and context in closing and realize that it is possible to have the “peace of GOD” and the “GOD of peace” to help you through anything you may face:

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy–meditate (think) on these things.”

Brainwashed by the world—No! Washing my brain by the time tested Bible—Yes!


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