Chile Reception

By now you should have heard the great news about the 33 lives that were rescued from being trapped underground for 69 days! What wonderful closure 😉 coming after such a tragic event! What if this tragedy of being trapped had finished like the 33 lives that were ended on 04-16-07? In playing off this interesting event and number and what has been on my mind and heart over the past few days, this article will be discussing a Chile Reception….

Imagine being there in Chile when your loved one is finally able to hug you and talk with you face to face after wondering if that may ever happen again. How might you have felt if you were that loved one waiting or perhaps even one of those trapped for so long before finally being rescued? I suggest it would NOT have been a chilly reception 😉, just as video from the Chile Reception illustrated! Now that I’ve played on these words, please think with me further here.

Far too often, we give people what is sometimes called “the cold shoulder.” Do you know what I’m saying? You know…that attitude that is presented to one who has offended you somehow or who you simply want to avoid for some self-focused reason. I’d call that a “chilly reception.” It’s that same attitude I have received from so many who have thought I was not right mentally or who have avoided me because of all of the labels and all of the tragedy I have faced since the 04-16-07 tragedy. In fact, were it not for the warm reception😉 I receive from my faith and my own walk with the LORD, the often chilly reception I have received might have turned me to some personally harmful action, or worse, some sort of acting out like the Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho. Do you understand the great importance of reaching out to those who are trapped in their own, often self destructive thinking? Please refer to the poem I was led to write on the one year anniversary of the VT Tragedy: “Learn to Prevail—32 to 33” (see the Poems tab above on this website).

Too many people in this Virginia Tech Community, including many I know within the mental health organizations, are failing to understand the importance of the truth I am saying. Many are still even denying that Seung-Hui Cho was a human soul who was also a Virginia Tech student. Despite what may be suggested, the VT Tragedy did not happen as a random event or in some sort of isolated vacuum. There were events and attitudes he faced that he reacted against. Who continued warmly reaching out to be a friend to this troubled soul? We must be honest here, despite the difficulty of thought, if we would learn what will best help prevent future tragedies such as this! I submit that not mentally and psychologically dealing with this properly is like being trapped underground (and for those effected by 04-16-07, it would be 41.9 months and counting. Think of how most of those perpetrating one of these shootings have often been the recipient of some sort of chilly reception.

Scripture is very clear here. It is as simple as The Golden Rule. It is not so hard to accept those whom you love or those who are members of your family (whom you more naturally love or at least accept). It is not so hard to accept those who are friendly or who are at least warm toward you. It is much harder to accept and love those who are troubled or who are not loving you or perhaps even acting as your enemy (see Luke 6:31ff). Jesus there said: “But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return” (Luke 6:35). That sounds more like what we have seen and should have in mind 😉 from these 33 miners’ Chile Reception.

Friend, please learn from me here and most importantly from the One Whom I just quoted above. There are many trapped in the heart of the earth now (Hell) and who will be trapped for eternity (Lake of Fire) because they are still not trusting in Jesus Christ. HE was 33 (likely) when HE was crucified for saying all HE said. Trust in Christ as The Savior, Who took upon Himself the penalty for your sins. Learn from the Chile Reception; avoid the deception and the chilly reception!

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