Under THE Influence!

What do you think of when you hear that someone is “under the influence”? A flurry of recent accidents and crimes in this tragedy torn region brings me to the theme in this blog article today. Are you “under the influence”? If so, what influence? Are you in control of your life? What might you choose to influence you?

So many tragedies take place because of alcohol consumption. This involves anything from broken relationships, to unwanted pregnancies, to physical and emotional abuses, to accidents on the highways that impact properties and even take the lives and/or injure people forever. Why do so many people turn to alcohol for what is said to be “fun” or “a good time”? Why are our college campuses so overwhelmed with alcohol related problems, leaving the college administrations even desperate to try to encourage alcohol free activities? What can be done to stop people from coming “under the influence”?

Well, I suggest that we must first think about what it means to be “under the influence.” In the broadest sense you can see that this relates to the issue of control. I have written about this before and even in an earlier posting—see my 05-01-08 blog article entitled “It is ALL About CONTROL!” What is it that you will let control you or that you think you need to keep yourself in control? Many people turn to alcohol to change their frame of mind. They do so as an escape from the pains of life’s realities. Since alcohol takes over the influence of your thinking from the moment you begin drinking, it is difficult to determine at what point you should stop before becoming legally “under the influence” or so intoxicated that you are fully drunk and completely under the influence of the alcohol.

Why do you need to have any substance—alcohol, tobacco or otherwise—to control you? Do you really think that it doesn’t have you under its influence? To test and see, just try to stop drinking or smoking or taking whatever substance you do to help calm you down or change your frame of mind. Are you really in control or is that substance controlling you? For that matter, is their some other person that has you under their influence or who is controlling you with words or threats of some sort?

Maybe I have raised more questions here than there is time and space to answer? The key point is that you really do need to be in control so that you can yield to the influence of the One Who is Sovereign over all of His Creation. HE knows what is best for you and what can make you the happiest and bring peace to any troubled situation in your life! Consider the sober 😉 Truth of Ephesians 5:18:

“And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit.”

How full of the Spirit of GOD do you want to be? HE is your Creator and Sustainer, so why would you want any other force or substance to bring you under its influence?

Alcohol is deceptive and certainly unnecessary for someone who is under THE Influence. In fact, to the degree that alcohol or any other substance influences you, to that degree the Spirit of GOD is not going to influence you. Please consider this simple logic and know that you do not need alcohol to have a good time or even to help you deal with any of life’s issues. It may just lead to a personal tragedy or even a tragedy forever impacting many others, such as the ones that have lately even taken lives in our area. Let’s be honest and learn from this, seeking what is best—to be under THE Influence!

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