For The Love Of Money

Well, I voted on Election Day (as I trust you did) and that helped bring me to solidify the subject for this, my latest blog. I’ve written something along these lines before in a 09-28-08 Blog: “MONEY, LOVE and TRAGEDY.” Money is a very important subject and one of the key considerations in political elections. It should not, however, be the emphasis that it is for so many. Read on to see more of what I am saying. Could it be that you are living, “For The Love Of Money?”


Of course, money is a part of every day living. Having money is how you buy food, clothing and other goods necessary for living. If you have enough money, you can purchase whatever items you want, have other people do things for you, and even travel around more freely. You can enjoy more things to help entertain you, such as attending various sporting events. Fresh on our minds is how you can also buy advertisements and influence people in political elections! ;-} In fact, many decisions made in government today are mostly for the love of money.


As it relates to money and politics, I trust you will be careful to not love money to the point of it being the highest priority in voting. When you vote or live for the love of money, then you are not part of any solution, but part of the problem. If government is run on favors and financial obligations to groups that help get leaders elected, corruption will certainly ensue and the government will only grow bigger. Such is what has often been happening in America. The same is also true in political such situations at many companies and even on our campuses.


The love of money is a root issue in all evil things (c.f. 1 Timothy 6:10). Many sorrows come when people put money above other priorities in life and especially before people. Having questioned numerous young people over the years and even spoken with many college students, I can tell you that there is a natural love of money that tends to drive a person’s place of education and even the life they choose. Certainly, few if any, really want to be poor or lack money. Yet, there are so many more important things in life and living than prioritizing money! You could check this by asking some of the wealthier people you know or even taking a glimpse at what has happened with people who have had lots of money and then lost it somehow.


Now, back to the political ramifications of loving money, which is what initially led to my thinking more about this subject. Economics should not be the number one reason in voting for any candidate! Sadly, it likely was for many in this election, as it often is in other years. The character of the leader is a far more important reason for voting, as this even determines the degree to which money is involved. Principles of good stewardship, including financial stewardship, will naturally follow people who are of a higher moral character and not simply loving money or the power and influence it brings. Morality is a much more important priority in voting. Strictly speaking, it is also true that government does not make money, but instead takes it from people in the society through taxes. Government can control taxes and business laws, directly impacting how companies can function and how they and people within the society can use money and create jobs. You would think more would understand these basic things!


Friend, I do not know what you are prioritizing in your life or even in how you vote. Certainly, our government must be held to account for neglecting basic financial principles. I trust that you are not living for the love of money and that you will even reconsider money’s importance in your life. Please do not vote or even work hard in order that you might be rich (c.f. Proverbs 23:4). Also, consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:24: “You cannot serve [love] God and mammon [money].”

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