Events in recent days lead me to today’s important article: Live ABOVE! Do you know that this is the answer to overcoming? Do you know that this is the answer to getting beyond any control of money (as I last discussed) or the control of alcohol or other substances (the blog before last)? Do you know that this is how you can survive and even thrive despite loss and tragedy? Living ABOVE is how I was even able to not react and keep from being detained or involuntarily committed again last Thursday (11-11-10) when surrounded, searched and intensely questioned by police after fear and confusion led to that fascinating scene on the Virginia Tech campus (students and others gazing on). Are you living ABOVE or are you caught in the fray? Are you defeated by the battles and trials in life or are you learning to prevail and win those battles–living victorious?


To live ABOVE is to not be caught up in the games that people play. Living ABOVE is not falling into the traps that people set and not letting others control you somehow. Unfortunately, secularism has stolen this important concept away from many by emphasizing only the natural. The argument is made that you must isolate anything of faith to a tiny private place in your life. Akin to this is a more familiar saying often leveled toward someone focusing on things of faith: “You’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good!” That statement is a lie! It typically scares people away from thinking more about what is to come and living those things out in life. It is impossible for someone to be of no earthly good if they are indeed focused on the real things ABOVE! Who would want to miss out on that or not have everyone they know and love be able to enjoy what is truly ABOVE? In fact, if one is really living above while they are also living here below, they will bring the principles of heaven down to earth with them.


A verse of Scripture in today’s reading of the Proverbs (if you happen to have that wise discipline 😉 ) helps to clarify here: “The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.” Living above not only helps you escape from what some erroneously call “hell on earth,” but more importantly, the everlasting hell below. In fact, I submit that it is the modern philosophy of public secularism that even brings about those situations often characterized as “hell on earth” (see my important blog exactly one year ago today: “RADICAL CHRISTianity”). What is needed is for a change back to living ABOVE, as is often referenced in my blog articles.


I know how much this evolutionary secularism has penetrated our society. I have been the recipient of labels and legal judgments from 3 involuntary commitments and 2 times wrongly held in jails. My life has been turned upside down financially and with family and friends. I have kept my life right side up by living ABOVE, thus needing no substances or escape relationships to cope with my ongoing personal tragedy. Friend, this is a secret (due largely to evolutionary secularism) that I do not want to keep to myself. I want you to understand that you only need to live ABOVE to get your life in order and make it through any difficulties.


However, there is an obstacle to living ABOVE. You cannot live ABOVE unless you know the ONE Who lives ABOVE. HE is the ONE Who is your CREATOR! HE is the ONE Who became your Savior. You have to accept Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to pay for the penalty of your sin and trust in His victory over sin and death through His resurrection from the grave. HE can have no unredeemed sinners in His presence!! You would not want this either! If you have indeed trusted in Jesus Christ, then you must remember to love those things that are ABOVE and live in that place with that thinking. Consider Colossians 3:2: “Set your affection [exercise your mind] on things above, not on things on the earth.” Friend, Live ABOVE! 🙂


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