Space: The First Frontier

Are you traveling to be with family this Thanksgiving? Might you be flying? Are you concerned about some tragedy or terrorism in the skies or perhaps even those more intrusive TSA procedures that are currently claiming so much media attention? Playing off this and my own personal tragedy, this blog will address “Space: The First Frontier.”


The creators of Star Trek have it wrong (and not only in their belief of evolution)! 😉 Space is NOT the “final frontier” as is said (I do enjoy the creativity and philosophical thought of these science fiction shows 😉). While space—the heavens—is one of the last explored regions man has gone, it actually had to be one of the first things GOD created. Aside from some sort of veil or darkness to bring separation between GOD, Who is said to be Light and no darkness at all (e.g. 1 John 1:5), and HIS Creation, space is what GOD first created and then filled in various ways. Space was HIS First Frontier and indeed it is ours. We each have what is referred to as our “personal space.”


None of us likes to have our personal space invaded against our will. It is that bubble or area of comfort around you, closest to your body—where you live. Our personal space (generally, one to two feet around us, though somewhat subjective) defines how we relate and interact with the world and the life around us. How uncomfortable do you feel when someone gets too close in talking with you? How do you feel when someone “gets up in your face” or even touches you when you aren’t expecting it? We don’t like this, though we are more accepting when the conditions around us warrant it (like being in a crowded subway or area where it is expected that you might bump up against someone, popping that bubble of personal space). From your own perspective, space is your first frontier. It is the area around you that you most easily control. You probably don’t even mind giving up some control and having a person you can trust to occasionally enter your space.


I will resist veering off here and talking more about control (c.f. one of my first blogs on 05-01-08: “It is ALL about CONTROL!”). I have also spoken more about the frontier of the heavens/space in my 07-23-09 blog article: “SPACED OUT!” In fact, there is also a related subject—safety—which is part of the TSA controversy and which I addressed in my 05-13-08 article: “An American Idol…SAFETY.” Here, though, I am focusing more on your personal space and what you will comfortably accept. Will you silently accept yet another intrusion into your life or space, as reflected in this controversy with the TSA and the full body scans or pat downs?


Tying this into my own experience with tragedy, I certainly understand more of that personal violation of space. I have been forcibly taken (without a fight, though 😉) on five separate occasions due to the misguided fears of others. I recently (11-11-10) had my space invaded again and narrowly escaped what would likely have been yet another involuntary commitment! There comes a point where you must stand and resist, yet at the same time accept what is happening around you.


Friend, do you follow any of my thinking here? How are you really doing in your first frontier? Is your personal space growing or changing due to fears within or without? How are you doing on the inside of that bubble of space on the outside? There is a wonderful Truth you must come to understand. The Creator has made it possible for you to go beyond that first frontier and enter into HIS Personal, Holy Space. Through faith in Jesus Christ you can be at peace and enter into HIS Presence, where there is rest and much pleasure (see Hebrews 4:1ff; Psalm 16:11). Learn to really live above (see my last blog 😉 ) and explore and move beyond that first frontier of space!

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