Respect Authority

Now that Trouble In The World (see my last blog 😉) has taken a bit of a respite (at least for now), with Egypt having calmed a bit after the sudden and somewhat unexpected resignation of Hosni Mubarak, I would like to take this illustrative moment to discuss a particularly important subject: Respect for Authority. This is an essential lesson for every one of us to learn! It is the #2 Lesson in my Top Ten Lessons To Learn (as detailed in my book). Given that tomorrow is known as Valentine’s Day, I had thought of discussing my 5th in the Top Ten Lessons To Learn (Love One Another), but the current world events leave that to another time. Learning to Respect Authority is essential as it starts from the time we are children under the authority of our parents and continues through life. Most come under the authority of some boss and all are under the authority of local, State and National governments. Even those trying to live so independently that they come under no human authority are still subject to the spiritual authorities and particularly to the Ultimate Authority of GOD Himself. So, let these current events in the world remind us to Respect Authority!

To Respect Authority does not necessarily mean that you will always obey that authority. This is an important thing to consider! We shouldn’t just obey the order or command of an authority unless what is ordered is right. This can sometimes be difficult to determine, which is why I illustrate control or authority through the picture of a house (as detailed further in my book). The house is made up of the 3 primary human authority structures, which contain all other authorities. The basement or foundational authority is the Home or Couples. The first level of authority after the home is the Government or Country. Finally, there is the second floor authority, which is the Religious authority or the Church. The roof of the house is the Protection you default to when any human authority violates the ground that the house springs up from (that being the written authority). Because there is an Ultimate Authority to Fear (My #1 Lesson To Learn) and obey, there will be times when lesser, human authorities will conflict with His revealed Authority. If there is only doubt, then there is safety in going ahead and obeying the established authorities. If it is certain that an authority is asking something contrary to the written authority (the Bible), then you must Respect that Authority, but obey and default to the protective roof or Ultimate Authority—GOD Himself.

I find it interesting how the authorities in Egypt and around the world responded to the popular uprising and will that called for Egypt’s Dictator to resign. Clearly, there was a growing will that was Respected and this Authority eventually pressured the governing authority to step aside. The military authority appeared to take a more passive role in simply keeping a general order with the tens of thousands protesting and now military leaders are in the place of authority until democratic elections bring about other ruling authorities. The authorities coming into power may or may not allow for freedom to worship GOD as individual conscience determines. Do you realize that this is how America came about in the first place? People wanted to have a place free from religious and government authorities that told them how they could or could not worship GOD. Religious worship is the cornerstone of freedom. Sadly, the secularism in America has blinded many, even to the proper understanding of freedom

It was the secularism and fear in my community following the 04-16-07 horrific VT Tragedy that allowed for my psychological labeling and court-ordered forced medication which has separated me from my family, former ministry and many former friends. Because I resisted authorities telling me to do and say things I knew were not true, but still Respected the Authorities when detained, I am blessed to know that I am really free and in line with the Ultimate Authority, as revealed in His Holy Word.

Friend, please learn that you are not the ultimate authority, though you do have freedoms to make many choices. You must be subject to the human authorities (Romans 13:1) and respect and even obey them, unless they tell you something contrary to the Ultimate Authority, as revealed in His Holy, Written Word! Respect the Authorities in your life and Respect and obey the Ultimate Authority!

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