A/The Role Model

Fresh from another President’s Day commemoration and in consideration of ongoing troubles in the world, with the call for many leaders to step down from power, comes the subject for my focus today: Being A Role Model. A Role Model is one you can follow; one who is an example that you can emulate. Do you know someone who is A Role Model? Are you?


From the moment that we are born, we begin to copy the behavior and habits of those around us. Children learn about life by following the example of those older and those who should be wiser from life experience. Parents and teachers serve as the authorities and even role models for kids. Often, an older sibling or perhaps a friend from school or some popular person will take the place of a role model. Yet, is the person you come to emulate behaving in a way that is worthy to follow?


Are you one that others can look up to? Can you say to those around you, “follow me and you will do what is right”…Can you say, “do what I do and all will be well with you”? Many all around the world are looking for leadership. The current unrest and revolution around the world, especially in Middle Eastern and African Countries, illustrates how people all over the world are crying out for someone to follow. These people are looking for someone that will have answers to help them with their problems. They desire someone that they can trust; someone who will serve them, but who will also lead them in the right ways. Not everyone is a natural born leader, but all are naturally born followers, who also have the potential of becoming a leader and a role model to follow.


This subject naturally brings you to consider what is the best way and who should you follow. Should you emulate those who are so enamored with the temporal things of this world that they focus mainly on the physical, neglecting the eternal? Should you copy the trends and styles of those who portray the latest thinking in what is called “pop culture” or even those who are recognized with an Oscar, a Grammy or some other award? Maybe you can follow those who focus on their own pleasure and live “sexually free,” doing whatever they feel is right? Perhaps you can follow that teacher who seems to know so much about that important subject or that professor who has the attention of Academia? Everybody follows a way and follows others in at least some things.


Friend (and I trust you are a true one 😉), there are still people in this world that you can properly look up to as a role model. You must still understand that we each are fallen creatures and will not be completely consistent at all times. You cannot set your hope on any person alone to be the one who will properly lead. There is One Who is The Role Model that we all should follow! HE is the man of Galilee, Who proved His Deity and came to earth in humility (see Philippians 2:5ff). HE is the only One to personally defeat the enemy of us all through HIS Resurrection from the dead! HE has been and still is talked about more than any other figure in history. There are more books written and discussing HIM than any other person who has lived. There is one Book where you can learn about HIS true Character to emulate—it is The proven Supernatural Book: The Bible.


This man—JESUS CHRIST—is One you really should study further! HE is One more influential than Mohammed or Gandhi, the Dali Llama or the Guru who leads hundreds and thousands. HE is certainly greater than any rock star, any singer or dancer, and every Hollywood actor and actress! HE is One Who is both the focus of most worship and blessing as well as the highest Person named and exclaimed in cursing. HE is One Who is greater than Abraham and Moses (“Before Abraham was, I AM”—John 8:58; “For this One has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses”—Hebrews 3:3). HE is greater than the Angels (“having become so much better than the angels”—Hebrews 1:4). HE is One you can come to know personally by faith. HE is A/The Role Model!

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