Messed Up?!

Is your life in order? The world seems to be spinning faster and faster and out of control, and your own life may even reflect this! Do you have it together? Are you holding on and enduring through it all, despite troubles and trials or are things like skyrocketing oil and gas prices driving you crazy? Do you fear what Country or State may topple over next or what act of terrorism may be just around the corner? Where is GOD in all of this? Why are things seemingly so Messed UP?!


You can really see the messed up situations in governments around the world and even in the United States in places like Wisconsin, where 14 elected democratic leaders remain in hiding to avoid having to vote on a controversial state budget. Leadership is lacking in our homes, churches, work places and all throughout the society. Few seem to be rising to what I spoke about in my last blog—being a role model to emulate. It is difficult to feel confident when things in life are so out of order and messed up!


Your personal priorities are more easily revealed when you are under the pressures of life. Your heart becomes known, be it good or bad, and it shows those around you if your life is in order or perhaps more messed up. When troubles come, do you value the Eternal and turn to GOD and His Word for the temporal answers or do you just grow angry and bitter toward Him? Are you prioritizing GOD first, then your spouse, then any children, then other family members, then your church family, then other friends, then your enemies and lastly your self? This is the biblical, spiritual and even natural order of priority. If any of these are out of order, then troubles will come and life will become all messed up!


In my now published book, “The Virginia Tech Tragedy and My Personal Tragedy: Lessons To Learn From An Insider And From Scripture,” I focus on the importance of priorities, especially when you find yourself facing tragedy, and how it is so important to get them in order and even Fortify Foundations (lesson #4 in my Top Ten Lessons To Learn). In fact, the Top Ten Lessons I speak about (in Part Two of the book, after my story of personal tragedy) are in an order of priority as well. While my life and personal situation is certainly messed up on the outside, my life on the inside is at peace and rest before GOD. Your life can go from being out of order and all messed up to a life well ordered and more straightened out, as you “Trust GOD and His Word, no matter what” (a key theme in my book)!


Our world and the American society at large has lost the Spiritual way. We have denigrated Theology, once even called “the Queen of the sciences,” and have instead elevated Anthropology and evolutionary Psychology. We put GOD in a box and only get Him out on Sunday or when we really need Him. We take the principles of the 10 Commandments of GOD and remove them from our schools after denying them in our practice. We prioritize entertainment and neglect personal discipline. Friend, I am speaking generally and collectively here, but if these things ring a bell and are individually true for you, I adjure you to WAKE UP and realize that this improper order on man and pleasure and self is all messed up!


GOD has allowed us a certain degree of freedom to make choices. In fact, we make hundreds, if not thousands of personal choices each day. If we fail in the little things and the foundations of life, we will find that our life becomes all messed up. We must learn from GOD’s revelation through Creation, the Covenants (the Bible) and the Person of Christ Jesus! We must understand that this messed up world is only temporary and that all will soon be made right! Consider Romans 8:20-21 in closing:


“For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”


Give up your mess and any messed up priorities and give yourself over to The CREATOR!

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