Nuclear Earthquake!

Wow! Have you seen the tragedy and messed up (c.f. my last blog 😉 ) situation in Japan, after the devastating earthquake that is now said to have registered as a 9.0 on the Richter Scale, with an ensuing 30 foot high tsunami and the ongoing nuclear plant damage and radiation fears? What a life changing event for thousands of people, with millions more being directly impacted! The people of Japan need our help in praying and whatever else we can do! The ongoing fears of radiation exposure and the uncertainty of what might happen there, brings me to the title for today’s article: Nuclear Earthquake!


It is an event, such as this latest earthquake, that serves to remind us of many things and even bring our lives to a point of proper prioritizing (a theme addressed in my previous “Messed Up?!” blog entry). Natural and weather events regularly change our plans and even our lives! Selah. 🙂 This in itself should serve to regularly remind us that there is quite a bit that we humans still do not understand or have the ability to control. Even the technological and mechanical or electronic devices that we have come to depend on are not as predictable as we sometimes think. Thinking properly and keeping things of life in the proper priority is so very important for dealing with the issues and especially the troubles and tragedies in life. Fortunately, we are not alone and do not need to deal with disasters and difficulties of life on our own understandings. We do have the collective information and knowledge from people in the past and present, who have made important discoveries and can make reasonable predictions, but we have an even more important and special revelation that the Creator has given us in the written Word of God and through the life of the Living Word of God: Jesus Christ (c.f. John 1:1-14). Will it take a storm bringing wind and a flood or a drought leading to the danger of fires or an earthquake followed by a wall of fast moving water or perhaps even a nuclear earthquake to get your attention?


This latest earthquake, ironically by its location in Japan and the ensuing nuclear power plant damage, reminds us of past lessons in history and even the power of the atom and its nucleus. How is it that the nucleus of an atom actually holds together? What is it that keeps an element with a particular atomic structure from just falling apart? What, or really Who, holds it all together? Consider the Truth of Colossians 1:17: “And He [Jesus Christ] is before all things, and in Him all things consist [hold together].” Perhaps you might even take the opportunity from this reading to do a search on what Laminin is (or follow this link: Will it take a nuclear earthquake to spiritually wake you up?


Sadly, I see that many around me and all over this world continue to be in a state of spiritual slumber or confusion. The lack of clarity in life and purpose for daily living that so many today are experiencing reveals this to be true. Many have yet to come to the nucleus of what their life is all about. From my perspective and that of the Master Teacher, as revealed in the Bible, the current priorities of most in America and most around the world (including those in the churches 😢 ) are very “messed up” 😉. Perhaps we will need more to awaken us? Perhaps it will take a personal tragedy or a nuclear earthquake to awaken you?


Living in the epicenter of where the modern Creation movement began (see my 02-25-09 Blog entry: “Tragedy, Truth and Triumph—Henry M. Morris”) and the earthquake of sorts on 04-16-07 that forever changed my life (The Virginia Tech Tragedy dubbed “The worst U.S. Massacre in History), I am more awake than ever! 😃 I have personally and experientially learned just how broken so much in our society is (like those often trusted areas, such as the mental health system and the American judicial system). I trust that what I have had to endure is enough to cause many more to learn the important life lessons and wake up before they have to experience a personal tragedy and the more devastating eternal tragedy that awaits all those who fail to respond to the Creator, Who became our Savior.


Friend, please respond to your Creator today, before you come to experience a nuclear earthquake!

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