I’ll Manage!

Whether or not you have had an earthquake of nuclear proportions (see my last blog entry 😉 ), you may have come to realize that life and even time itself moves on. Because of the precision that GOD has Created in our Universe and the way HE has established heavenly bodies for us to measure time, time marches on. We are powerless to change this. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes to hours; hours turn to days and days to weeks; weeks turn to months and months to years. Often, years pass by before we realize all that has been happening. It may not be until mid life (for the typical 70-80 years) and some “crisis” of thinking and vocation or perhaps not even until later in life that a person comes to realize the more important priorities. This need not be so. You will either let time and life manage you as you just manage to exist day to day or you will manage your life and time and exist with more meaning in all you do, both now and in the future. Is your attitude, “well, I’ll manage” or “well, I’ll Manage!”?


The dictionary definition of manage is first, “to bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty or hardship” and secondly, “to take charge or care of.” Manage can also simply mean “to handle” or “to continue to function” or “get along.” There is only one definition of usage that I found, where manage means something less than “properly handling.” In this case, manage means simply “to conduct business“ or “be in charge.” I submit that unless a person’s priorities are in the proper order that corresponds to the reality of Creation, that their managing will only mean that they are “in charge.” Being “in charge” of some things or some people for a given purpose does not mean that this time of management will result in what is best or even proper. The results will primarily depend upon the person who is “in charge” and how well they manage. 🙂


Life does not always present circumstances that are easy to manage. In fact, living in a world that is fallen from the way it was Created means that there will often be less than desirable circumstances to manage. How do you handle continuing to daily function when bad things happen? What if it is a natural disaster, such as an earthquake like so many places have recently experienced? What if it is the loss of a job or simply the negative effects of a downturn in the economy? How do you personally manage when difficulty comes or tragedy occurs? What if a loved one is killed in an accident or even murdered in some crime? What if you are just betrayed and abandoned by family and friends? Will you still manage to go on when life isn’t fair or going the way that it should? You will grow discouraged and depressed unless you keep a higher perspective. You will either turn to substances to help you cope or deaden the pain or you will turn to GOD and others to help you. Various substances, such as alcohol or drugs, will hinder your ability to best function and they may even lead to further tragedy or your life ending. People will also often let you down and may even further hinder your ability to manage. The only way to properly manage is to decide “I’ll manage!” by turning to GOD for His Grace and help.


I know these things are true, because I believe in The ONE Who claimed to be and IS “The Way, The Truth and The Life” (see John 14:6). Though I have personally experienced blow after blow from family, friends and the trusted mental health and legal organizations of society, I have managed by keeping a higher perspective (see my 04-26-08 Blog Entry, “PERSPECTIVE”) and by living according to higher education (see my 06-29-08 article “HIGHER Education”). I know I’ll Manage and do so as best as circumstances allow, as I continue to “Trust GOD and His Word, no matter what” (a key theme of my book and the last thing I said to my five dear children when they were last at my home in 2007).


Friend, whatever life brings your way and whatever GOD gives you to manage, I trust that you will not default to only what seems easiest or what helps you simply exist. I trust you will not merely be “in charge” of things or people, but that you will properly handle whatever you are given to the best of your abilities. I trust that you will learn to keep the highest perspective and live by the highest revelation and education that you can to best manage whatever GOD allows to come your way. As for me, I know “I’ll Manage!”

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