Of More Value

Perhaps you have heard by now that just last Tuesday (nearly four years after the fact) the U.S. Department of Education has levied a $55,000 fine upon Virginia Tech, for what they say were violations of the Federal Clery Act. The fines are based upon what is said to be a less than “timely” response in the aftermath of the 04-16-07 VT Tragedy. There are many directions (even “timely” ones 😉 ) that I could take in response to this latest news story about Virginia Tech, yet in this blog entry, I wish to address an issue that I trust will bring more healing than hurt to this severely wounded community, still reeling from that most tragic day. $55,000 is a lot of money to some (including me and my family who have even financially lost far more due to this horrific tragedy), yet not so significant an amount in comparison to the $1.3 billion VT operating budget. This latest federal determination reveals a greater societal problem and primarily serves to stir up the emotions and hurts that have followed this terrible tragedy. These fines are not enough to make things right and not even as much as the disciplinary panel involved wanted them to be. There is no way to place a monetary value on certain things. In fact, one human soul is of far more value!


Think about it. What do you value? What value do you place on the things that you have? What would you do if you lost all your possessions in a fire or flood or perhaps even through this current downturn in the U.S. and world’s economy? What if you lost everything through an earthquake or Tsunami or deadly radiation contamination, such as those currently suffering in Japan? Of what real value are the material possessions that you have? Would you give your life for them (if you are not doing so already)? What about those people and relationships in your life? Are there not some things that are of more value? How many people give most of their time and energy for things like acceptance and love from others? Indeed, what is of more value to you?


Did you know that the way you live will reveal the answers to these questions? It really does not take that long to figure out what a person considers of more value in their life. Our daily actions give us away. We prove what we value (and even how much), by the time and energy we put into any action or give to any person. We reveal what is of more value to us as we daily interact with others. Our bank and credit card transactions reveal this as well. Simply put, we pay for and put money into the things that we value. As previously noted (see blogs entries such as my 09-28-08 “MONEY, LOVE and TRAGEDY”), you will either love (value) money and use people to get more or you will love (value) people and use money to give more. So, what does your life reveal that is of value to you and what do your actions show that you consider of more value?


Friend, I trust this article is challenging you to think about this further. The things that we cannot see with our physical eyes usually end up being of more value that what we can see. When properly learned, the spiritual truths that I present will provide you greater healing than will any substance or monetary remittance. When you come to consider the spiritual of more and even of the greatest value, then the emotional and even the physical things that you value will fall into their proper places. You, as a human soul, are of more value than any material substance or any other earthly creature. Those who have come to value their Creator and His Word and His way, can be confident that HE values them. Jesus said that we need not fear what may happen or what any person will do to us, so long as we fear Him Who has the power over the soul—even to cast one into hell (Luke 12:4-6)! Jesus said, “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12:7).


You can see what is of more value to GOD; Now, what is of more value to you?

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